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Gotta Hand it to Lowe's...They did the right thing

Wow...when anyone, not to mention a large corporation, can admit they may have made an improper choice and correct it, they gain my respect!

I sent a note to Lowe's describing how their advertisement could be misinterpreted by veterans and those who respect and admire them. Their ad began with "Memorial Day...It's all about the projects!"

After one day, I received the following reply:

"Dear John,
Thanks for your note and feedback. We understand your point and agree that Memorial Day is an important commemoration for all Americans - a holiday first and foremost to honor and to remember. We acknowledge your point and have changed our ad to not imply that Memorial Day is about anything other than America’s men and women of the military. This revised ad will begin running tomorrow...
Have a happy Memorial Day!
Lowe's Customer Care"

My hat is off to Lowe's. Anyone can make a mistake. It takes a fine person or organization to acknowledge and take steps to correct it. Well done, Lowe's.

John A-G

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