Premiere firearms auction to feature three prominent collectors

Three prominent firearms collectors will be featured in Rock Island Auction Company's April Premiere Firearms auction in Moline, Ill.
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LOT 3424 – Rare Colt Holster Model Paterson Revolver No. 5 or
"Texas Paterson" Revolver
PRE-AUCTION EST: $60,000 - $90,000

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Over 2,700 lots of firearms - many historical, rare and unique - will be featured in Rock Island Auction Company's next Premiere Firearms auction to be held at their facilities in Moline, Ill. on April 25, 26 and 27. Offered from the collections of three prominent firearms collectors are over 700 Colts, 250 Winchesters, 7 Henry Rifles, 3 Volcanic pistols, over 350 deringers, over 60 Sharps and several documented Indian War items, among others.

The second part of the Will Hoffeld estate and firearms collection will be featured. It is a massive old time collection that is rarely seen today. Will Hoffeld was a well known and respected collector known for his detailed collecting of Colts and Colt Brevetes. A rare Colt holster model Paterson revolver No. 5 or “Texas Paterson” revolver ($80,000 - $120,000) is one of the four Patersons in this auction and is a fine example of his grand collection. In this sale are nearly 25 engraved single action army’s, led by a special order cased Abercrombie & Fitch custom engraved and gold inlaid Colt single action army revolver with steer head grips and extra cylinder dedicated to the author Andy Adams (estimate $18,000-$30,000). Other exceptional Colts among the 700 include a flattop double action model 1878 frontier revolver serial number 1 ($35,000 - $85,000) and nine inspected Colts including an outstanding Ainsworth inspected U.S. Colt model 1873 cavalry revolver with Kopec letter ($30,000-$50,000).

For the Sharps collector, the final installment of the Frank and Karen Sellers Collection will be offered. Frank Sellers, a respected Sharps expert, was the author of "Sharps Rifles" and over 20 other books. This auction will not only offer firearms from his collection, but also rare and unusual parts, and patent models. Some of the outstanding Sharps to be auctioned include a rare Sharps model 1877 No. 1 long range rifle (estimate $27,500 – $42,500) and a rare Sharps model 1850 rifle with Robertson and Simpson breech block (estimate $16,000 - $25,000). A C. Sharps Model 2B four barrel pepperbox pistol with magnificent relief carved ivory eagle grips (estimate $6,500 - $9,000) is among the many fine Sharps handguns in this auction.

One of the finest Deringer collections to come to auction includes over 50 high condition Henry and Philadelphia Deringers. A rarity at auction is an extremely rare engraved Butterfield patent self-priming deringer pistol (estimate $50,000 - $75,000). Other exceptional Henry deringers include a magnificent silver mounted/gold inlaid cased engraved pair of exhibition quality Henry deringer percussion pocket pistols ($45,000 - $65,000) and a superb cased, engraved and gold banded pair of Henry deringer percussion pistols with coin silver furniture ($40,000 - $60,000). Many rare antique deringers and curio type weapons include Chicago palm pistols, Remington vest pocket pistols, Frankenau’s patent change purse revolver and an extremely rare, presentation, Morrill, Mosman and Blair cutlass pistol with inscribed scabbard ($16,000 - $22,500).

The only factory documented 50/100 caliber Winchester model 1886 deluxe take-down lever action rifle with R.L. Wilson and George Madis letters of authenticity (estimate $60,000 - $90,000) is just one example of the quality of Winchesters to be offered, over 250 in total. Others include an exceptional and extremely rare Winchester Model 1886 musket with bayonet in mint condition ($50,000 - $80,000) and an exceptional Winchester Panel-Engraved Model 1866 Carbine ($45,000 - $65,000).

An outstanding collection from the Indian Wars contains fine trapdoors, Smith & Wessons, Colts, Remingtons and documented Custer battlefield relics. This collection has a very rare and historical Indian War silver presentation medal for valor ($20,000 - $30,000), unique framed 19th century Native American ledger drawings – all Kepi’s in the drawing show “7th” Cavalry and a documented 7th Cavalry trooper’s ring recovered from the Battle of Little Bighorn ($5,000 - $10,000). Firearms include an outstanding U.S. Springfield Model 1873 carbine in 7th Cavalry serial number range ($15,000 - $25,000), a rare U.S. Springfield Model 1877 trapdoor carbine and a Custer Era U.S. Springfield model 1873 trapdoor Carbine with Indian alterations and decoration.

Hundreds of European, Japanese and U.S. military items will be offered including firearms from the Scott Meadows collection. A knowledgeable collector in his field, Scott Meadows is the author of "U.S. Military Automatic Pistols" Volume 1 & 2. His WWII U.S. Model 1911A1 Union switch and signal “presentation” pistol serial number 9 with box is one of the examples of the dozens of rare, experimental, and prototype 1911’s in this auction. Nearly 200 1911’s and Colt early automatics as well as 8 historical general officers pistols led by historical general Curtis LeMay’s U.S. contract Colt .380 caliber model M pistol with general officer belt and holster ($25,000 - $35,000).

WWII firearms and items include an exceptional WWII J.P. Sauer M30 Luftwaffe survival drilling with case ($17,000 - $22,500) and a deluxe, engraved, pre-war Walther model PPK pistol. Many posters with WWII U.S. propaganda themes will also be offered. An excellent WWII ‘U.S. Property’ marked M1A1 auto-ordnance Thompson sub machine gun with accessories is one of several Class III items in this sale. This auction also has over 25 M1 Garands and Carbines, U.S. Krag’s, Johnson’s, V-42 Stilettos, and an excellent Springfield model 1879 Trapdoor Carbine ($14,000 - $22,500).

Rich history is found in the Civil War items including a custom engraved Remington new model navy percussion revolver with ivory grips (estimate $12,000 - $14,000) and an excellent Zouave percussion rifle with bayonet. Also offered are unique engraved ivory Confederate field glasses attributed to Terry’s Texas Rangers ($5,000 - $10,000) and a fine Civil War Henry lever action rifle ($30,000 - $40,000) which is one of 7 Henry rifles and 3 Volcanic pistols in this auction.

Many quality edged weapons are included in this sale. A magnificent cased Joseph Rodgers & Sons exhibition quality bowie knife is just one of the 20 spectacular ornate and rare Bowie knives in this sale. Over 50 swords will be in this auction, with an outstanding Ames regulation staff and field officers sword presented to Ulysses S. Grant’s Vice President, Col. Henry Wilson.

Rock Island’s April sale boasts the largest grouping of small bore shotguns ever offered. Over 100 .410 gauge, over 100 20 gauge, over 50 28 gauge and over 30 16 gauge. With Over 600 exceptional shotguns and sporting arms this auction has something for every level of collecting from quality hunting and target practice firearms to collectible high end sporting arms. Some fine examples include an extremely rare engraved Parker Brothers model AH double barrel boxlock shotgun in 28 gauge (estimate $45,000 - $70,000, a cased M. Ghidini engraved Famars Venus Prestige .410 sidelock double barrel shotgun ($20,000 - $35,000) and a master engraved Olaf Weill Merkel Model 303EL 28 gauge over and under shotgun ($14,000 - $20,000). Over 100 Brownings will be offered as well as shotguns from Aguirre & Aranzabal, Beretta, Browning, Churchill, Cogswell & Harrison, Holland & Holland, Ithaca, JP Sauer, Purdy, Remington, L.C. Smith, Winchester and many more.

Several rare double barrel rifles are part of the outstanding sporting arms in this auction including a special order cased engraved gold inlaid exhibition grade Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co. Model 21 ($30,000 - $50,000). Also in this auction is an entire collection of Winchester model 70s, many in rare calibers, and a complete Browning Centennial set ($8,000 - $10,000). An example of the fine sporting pistols to be included is an exceptional factory engraved Colt Pre-Woodsman .22 Caliber Semi-automatic pistol with box carrying a pre-sale estimate of $22,500 - $30,000.

Call 800-238-8022 to order the full-color two-volume catalog or view it online at

The Auction will begin at 10 a.m. each day, April 25, 26 & 27. Full day preview: Friday, April 24 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Preview: April 25, 26 & 27 from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m., and during the auction for items not being sold that day. Location: Rock Island Auction Company, 4507 49th Avenue, Moline IL 61265


LOT 3424 – Rare Colt Holster Model Paterson Revolver No. 5 or "Texas Paterson" Revolver
PRE-AUCTION EST: $60,000 - $90,000

LOT 3699 – Exceptional and Very Rare New Haven Arms Company Volcanic Lever-Action Navy Pistol with Detachable Stock
PRE-AUCTION EST: $75,000 – $100,000

LOT 3705 - Rare Factory Engraved New Haven Arms Company Henry Rifle
PRE-AUCTION EST: $70,000 - $100,000

LOT 33733 – The Only Factory Documented 50/100 Caliber Winchester Model 1886 Deluxe Take-Down Lever Action Rifle with R.L. Wilson and George Madis Letters of Authenticity
PRE-AUCTION EST: $60,000 – $90,000

LOT 3702 - Exceptional Winchester Panel-Engraved Model 1866 Carbine
PRE-AUCTION EST: $50,000 – $75,000

LOT 3007 - Extremely Rare Engraved Butterfield Patent Self-Priming Derringer Pistol
PRE-AUCTION EST: $50,000 - $75,000

LOT 3718 - Exceptional and Extremely Rare Winchester Model 1886 Musket with Bayonet and Factory Letter
PRE-AUCTION EST: $50,000 – $80,000

LOT 1149 - Magnificent Silver Mounted / Gold Inlaid Cased Engraved Pair of Exhibition Quality Henry Deringer Percussion Pocket Pistols -A) Engraved Deringer Percussion Pocket Pistol
PRE-AUCTION EST: $45,000 - $65,000

LOT 3664 - Colt Flattop Double Action Model 1878 Frontier Revolver Serial Number 1
PRE-AUCTION EST: $35,000 - $85,000

LOT 3646 - Outstanding Anisworth Inspected U.S. Colt Model 1873 Cavalry Revolver with Kopec Letter
PRE-AUCTION EST: $30,000 - $50,000

LOT 3132 - Rare Sharps Model 1877 No. 1 Long Range Rifle
PRE-AUCTION EST: $27,500 - $42,500

LOT 3820 - Historical General Curtis LeMay's U.S. Contract Colt .380 Caliber Model M Pistol with General Officer Belt and Holster
PRE-AUCTION EST: $25,000 – $35,000

LOT 1821 - Exceptional, Police-Marked, Colt, Model 1921/28 US Navy Over-Stamp Thompson Submachine Gun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $25,000 - $37,500

LOT 3578 - Very Rare and Historical Indian War Silver Presentation Medal for Valor
PRE-AUCTION EST: $20,000 – $30,000


LOT 1385 - Extremely Rare Engraved Parker Bros. Model AH Double Barrel Boxlock Shotgun in 28 Gauge
PRE-AUCTION EST: $45,000 - $70,000

LOT 1446 - Cased R. Alpen Engraved Gold Inlaid Westley Richards 410 Lock Double Barrel Hammerless 410 Gauge Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $40,000 - $80,000

LOT 1452 - Cased M. Ghidini Engraved Famars Venus Prestige .410 Sidelock Double Barrel Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $19,000 - $27,500

LOT 1381 - Engraved Westley Richards Hammerless Boxlock Double Barrel Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $18,000 - $22,500

LOT 1456 - Engraved L.C. Smith Specialty Grade Hammerless Double Barrel Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $16,000 - $20,000

LOT 1466 - Factory Engraved Gold Inlaid Custom Order A.H. Fox FE Grade Double Barrel Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $15,000 - $20,000

LOT 1464 - One of the First Two Custom Order Cased Engraved Gold Inlaid Special Grade A.H. Fox Double Barrel Shotguns Ever Built in 410
PRE-AUCTION EST: $15,000 - $25,000

LOT 1400 - Rare Master Engraved and Signed By J.I.E. Wanczyk Belgium Browning Small Gauge Three Barrel Cased Set Superposed Diana Grade Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $14,000 - $20,000

LOT 1575 - Engraved Parker Preproduction A-1 Special Three Barrel Set Side by Side Shotgun with Original Leather Takedown Case
PRE-AUCTION EST: $14,000 - $20,000

LOT 1566 - Angelo Cased Engraved Gold Inlaid Winchester Model 21 Grand American Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $35,000 - $47,500

LOT 1449 - Excellent Cased Engraved Purdey & Sons Two Barrel Set Double Barrel Shotgun and Rifle with Scope
PRE-AUCTION EST: $20,000 - $35,000

LOT 1573 - Engraved Gold Inlaid Winchester Model 21 Grand American Double Barrel Shotgun
PRE-AUCTION EST: $18,000 – $25,000

LOT 924 - Cased Pair of Custom Engraved Gold Inlaid Colt "Snake" Revolvers
PRE-AUCTION EST: $9,500 - $14,000

LOT 1524 - Pre-64 Winchester Transition Model 70 Bolt Action Carbine in Rare 7 mm Mauser
PRE-AUCTION EST: $5,000 - $7,000

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