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Estate auction of Gen. Robin Olds underway

Manions auctioning historic items from military icon
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A framed 8 x 10" period photo of then-Colonel Robin Olds enjoying a last cigarette just prior to the start of the famous January 2, 1967 mission.

September 2, 2009

Kansas City, Kan. – The family of legendary WWII and Vietnam fighter ace Brigadier General Robin Olds, has selected Manion’s International Auction House of Kansas City to broker the sale of historic items from his estate.

Olds rose to fame in the Air Corps during WWII flying P-38 and P-51 aircraft. He soon attained “Double Ace” status. By the end of his tour, he was officially credited with shooting down 12 German aircraft. After the war, he rivaled Hollywood star Clark Gable to wed actress Ella Raines, and experienced a highly publicized private life.

During Vietnam, Olds flew F-4 Phantoms, as a Wing Commander, and achieved “Triple Ace” status by shooting down another series of enemy aircraft. Additionally, he is credited with the conception of “Operation Bolo”, which essentially decimated the North Vietnamese Air Force in a single day.

Items from the estate include numerous signed photographs and books, as well as uniforms, insignia, awards, decorations, and personal items. All bids are placed online at, in one of three special auctions. The first auction closed August 23. Future closing dates are September 27 and October 25.

“I’ve collected military aviation items for decades; this is one of the most significant groupings of material I’ve ever seen,” said Manion’s company representative John Conway. “We’re honored to handle this collection; it is a humbling endeavor.”

To view all items available, and learn more about the life and career of Robin Olds, visit, and click the appropriate banner in the center of the page.

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