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eBay to Ban International Knife Sales

eBay has announced that it will ban the sale of knives on some of its Internet auction sites.
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eBay is again updating its policies regarding the sale of knives, and will ban the international sale of knives, except for cutlery, from certain Internet auction sites.

According to a press release issued by eBay, the new policy will impact UK, Irish and international sellers who currently list knives for sale to buyers on the and sites.

Stated eBay in its press release: “Over the last year we have made several changes to our policies regarding sales of knives and also Samurai swords to ensure that only legal knives are available on the UK and Irish sites. However, the criteria for what constitutes a legal knife are increasingly complex, and this step is necessary to help further protect our members and provide them with the highest safety standards.”

There’s no date for the introduction of the ban, but it is expected to be within weeks.

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