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Early Aeronautica

Friends and Fellow Collectors: After publishing 14 paper catalogs over 45 years, I have moved into the modern age! I'm offering rare and unusual aviation memorabilia and relics in this website catalog first "unleashed" 10 years ago.

CHECK OFTEN FOR NEW OFFERINGS; you will find the most current at the beginning of each category. Autographs is a new button with many aces and Medal of Honor additions as is the new Photo Album button. As for me, I actively seek the WWI aviation paintings and lithographs of Henri Farre, memorabilia of Samuel F. Cody and of Thaddeaus Lowe; please keep me in mind if these come to you. For the future I am working on having regular sales with discounted prices and sending you occasional updates on new items.

P.O. Box 2003, 
Midland, MI 48641
 Phone: 989.835.3908

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