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Drawing owned by Hitler at auction

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Ratisbon’s 13th Contemporary History Auction - their biggest auction so far! Bidding is open until September 25, 2016.

Ratisbon’s wants introduce one of the most important pieces of Third Reich art available on the market. Not only as it was exhibited at the „Grossen Deutschen Kunstausstellung“ in 1940 but also for the fact that it was bought by Adolf Hitler for 500 Reichsmark at this exhibition. Hitler owned this picture until 1945.

Ratisbon’s has many copies of original documents of provenance chronicling the piece’s history prior to and after 1945. The painting was stored at the "Salzbergwerk Altaussee" towards the end of the war to protect it from Allied air raids where it was found by US troops. It was transferred to the “Central Collecting Point“ (Munich) on 29.10.1945.

In 1949, the painting was given to the German Gouvernement which transferred it to the inventory of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) in 1962.

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