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Donley Auctions Makes a “Bang” With Over 300 Grenades!

Leading Auction House Presents Over 300 Grenades From All Over the World!

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UNION, IL Donley Auctions, a renowned auction house located in Northern Illinois, announced an upcoming auction of guns and military items including over 300 grenades Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21th at 10:00am CST at the company’s headquarters in Union, Illinois. A preview event held Friday, October 19th from noon to 8:00pm will provide interested buyers with a sneak peek at the amazing collection. Interested buyers can bid online or in person.

The auction features over 1,300 items total, including a massive collection of over 300 global grenades from World War I and II. This is the personal collection of John Czerlanis, a long time grenade collector. Mr. Czerlanis wrote a short letter to the bidders of the grenades.

“I’ve been collecting Inert Ordnance for approximately 40 years. My collection is comprised of mainly grenades from all corners of the world. I would guess 85% came from Europe. I always tried to upgrade my collection whenever possible.

I tried to be as accurate in my description and value of each piece. I believe in preserving history. I found ordnance fascinating. Unlike firearms, grenades are used once then they are gone, making them a rare collectible.

I am auctioning my collection due to health reasons. May you enjoy them as much as I did. I hope you feel as I do and preserve them for future generations.

Good luck in your bidding!

Keep collecting.

John Czerlanis”

A collection this large is a rare opportunity to bid on and Mr. Czerlanis is hoping they find a loving home. From Randy Donley, owner of Donley Auctions, “I have been collecting military relics for over 40 years.I have never seen a collection with such a wide variety and high quality.”

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