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Cowan's sells firearms, militaria and A.C. Daum Collection

Deluxe Factory Engraved Colt 1860 Army Revolver Presented to General Selden Marvin - sold for $43,375.

Deluxe Factory Engraved Colt 1860 Army Revolver Presented to General Selden Marvin - sold for $43,375.

Cowan’s Auctions, Inc. 3-day live salesroom auction of historic firearms, militaria and the Collection of A.C. Daum sales totaled nearly $2.7 million.

Day one of the auction took place on October 21 in Cowan’s salesroom and featured over 400 pieces from the extensive collection of Military Long Arms from A.C. Daum. Cowan’s bi-annual Historic Firearms and Early Militaria: Live Salesroom Auction followed the Daum Collection on October 22-23. Bidders came out in droves for many of the exceptional items offered in the A.C. Daum Collection.

More than 1,000 bidders on the phone, floor and Internet battled competitively and drove the prices for many of the lots past their pre-auction estimates, making for a successful auction.

The highest-selling lot in the auction was from the Daum Collection. A Model 1881 Springfield Marksman Rifle Presented to 1st Sergeant E.P. Wells was estimated at $40,000/60,000 and sold for $76,375. Additional items from the Daum collection included a First Model Henry Rifle, which sold for $34,075, a First Model Virginia Rifle sold for $25,850, a Model 1807 Contract Rifle by H. Pickel realized $15,275, a Model 1875 Officer’s Rifle sold for $13,512, and a Model 1842 Brass-Mounted Hall Carbine realized $13,512.

The second-highest selling lot in the auction was a Deluxe Factory Engraved Colt 1860 Army Revolver Presented to General Selden Marvin. Two bidders on the phone battled back and forth for nearly five minutes until the firearm hammered down at $43,475.
Additional pistols and revolvers had a strong showing in the auction.

A Hartley & Graham Engraved Black Powder Single Action Army Revolver sold for $16,450, a Merwin & Hulbert Pocket Army Single Action Revolver realized $9,400, and a Connecticut Arms Hammond Bulldog Pistol with the Original Box sold for $5,287.

Sharps rifles sold well in the auction. A Model 1859 Berdan Sharps Rifle realized $9,987, a Sharps Model 1849 Rifle sold for $9,400, and a Sharps Model 1855 Navy Rifle sold for $8,225.

Additional notable items in the auction included a Henry Hammond Extra Deluxe Exhibition Sporting Rifle, which sold for $23,500, a Belgian Browning Diana Grade Three-Barrel Set realized $16,450, an Engraved Powder Horn of Josiah Morss, dated to 1760 realized $10,575, a Half Horse / Half Alligator Bowie Knife by Woodhead & Hatley sold for $7,050, and a Reproduction of a Wird 2.6 Cannon with a Reproduction Paulson Brothers Carriage hammered down at $8,225.

For more information about Cowan’s upcoming Historic Firearms and Early Militaria Auctions, or to register to bid by phone, live online or absentee, visit or call their office at 513-871-1670.

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