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Cordier to hold Fall Firearms & Militaria Auction this weekend

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WWII Commemorative Pistol ($600-900)

WWII Commemorative Pistol ($600-900)

Cordier Auctions & Appraisals will hold its Fall Firearms & Militaria Auction on Sunday, Dec. 7, at their auction house at 1500 Paxton St., Harrisburg, Pa. Highlights of the sale include an 18th century powder horn named to Jeremiah Van Auken, a Colt Lightning rifle, Smith & Wesson Revolvers, dozens of lots of German WWII collectibles, and a large number of items collected in Iraq during the first decade of the 21st century.

The sale will offer antique, military, and modern handguns and long guns, edged weapons, military collectibles, and related art. Early lots will feature antique hand guns, including a U.S. model 1836 R. Johnson contract pistol ($1,000-1,500) and an Ashton U.S. model 1842 percussion pistol ($800-1,200).

Another antique handgun of note will be a Colt model 1877 Lightning revolver that belonged to boxer Joe Frazier ($600-900). Modern handguns will include over a dozen Smith & Wesson revolvers, WWI and WWII commemorative Colt 1911s, and others from manufacturers such as Beretta, Browning, Colt, and Glock.

Colt Lightning Small Frame Rifle - .22 Cal ($1,000-1,200)

Colt Lightning Small Frame Rifle - .22 Cal ($1,000-1,200)

Antique, military and modern long guns will follow the handguns. In the antique category, a Japanese matchlock rifle carries an estimate of $800-1,200, and a Colt Lightning rifle is offered with an estimate of $1,000-1,200.

A blunderbuss circa 1700 will also be offered ($400-600), as will a mid-18th century stockade musket that was deaccessioned from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The stockade musket has a 47 inch octagonal barrel and weighs approximately 31 pounds.

Among the military long guns are a Springfield M-1 Garand ($800-1,000) and a BYF 44 P-38 ($800-1,000). Among the modern long guns are a Kimber rifle with a Leupold scope ($800-1,000) and a Parker Brothers VH grade SxS 20 gauge shotgun ($1,500-2,500).

Edged weapons will feature an Ames Model 1860 Cavalry sword and scabbard ($300-500) and WWII German daggers including Luftwaffe (second model), SA, Hitler Youth, and Fireman’s dress. Also offered will be bayonets and knives and a number of Iraqi swords, daggers, and bayonets.

18th C. Powder Horn Named to Jeremiah Van Auken ($2,000-4,000)

18th C. Powder Horn Named to Jeremiah Van Auken ($2,000-4,000)

In the collectibles category, a military scrapbook for U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant Bernal L. Lewis, who was taken prisoner of war in 1945 is featured. An 18th century powder horn named to Jeremiah Van Auken is also featured ($2,000-4,000); Van Auken was a school master in New York and was scalped and gutted in the Battle of Minisink in 1779.

Other collectibles include German WWII helmets, medals, arm bands, banners, and flags. A German WWII Kriegsmarne (Navy) battle flag carries an estimate of $300-400. Iraqi medals, uniforms, helmets, and plaques will also be offered.

Art, prints, and other items will also be offered including Iraqi paintings, Adirondack style furniture, Zeiss binoculars ($800-1,200), a Webley mark II air pistol ($200-300), and vintage decoys including a wood canvasback duck decoy by Madison Mitchell ($300-400).

The sale will conclude with a wide selection of non-cataloged firearms, military, and sporting equipment. Plus these items pictured:


German WWII Kriegsmarne (Navy) Battle Flag ($300-400)


Japanese 19th C. Matchlock Rifle ($800-1,200)


Parker Brothers VH Grade SxS Shotgun – 20 Ga. ($1,500-2,000)


U.S. Model 1836 R. Johnson Contract Service Pistol ($1,000-$1,500)


Winfield Marked Flintlock Blunderbuss ($400-600)


WWII German Luftwaffe Second Model Dagger ($500-700)

A full online catalog of the auction is available by visiting Questions can be directed to Cordier Auctions & Appraisals at or by calling 717-731-8662.

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