The Confederate Monument in Bentonville, Arkansas was removed in September 2020.

The Confederate Monument in Bentonville, Arkansas was removed in September 2020.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released the 2020 year-end update to its Whose Heritage? report data and map, which tracks public symbols of the Confederacy across the United States.

  • The Whose Heritage? report found that 168 Confederate symbols were renamed or removed from public spaces in 2020.
    • Ninety-four (94) of those symbols were Confederate monuments. Comparatively, 58 Confederate monuments were removed between 2015 and 2019.
    • By the end of 2020, Virginia remained the leader in removing Confederate symbols (71) followed by North Carolina (24). Alabama (12) and Texas (12) tied for third place.
    • At least 167 Confederate symbols were removed after George Floyd’s death on May 25, including one symbol in Arizona that was stolen from public property. Only one symbol was removed prior to George Floyd’s death – Virginia replaced Lee-Jackson Day with Election Day in April.
  • While a total of 312 Confederate symbols have been removed or relocated from public spaces since the Charleston church shooting, South Carolina’s Heritage Act ensured that no symbols were removed last year despite grassroots efforts.

View a list of the 168 Confederate symbols that have been removed across the U.S. here.

The report shows that more than 2,100 Confederate symbols are still publicly present in the U.S., and 704 of those symbols are monuments. This encompasses government buildings, Confederate monuments and statues, plaques, markers, schools, parks, counties, cities, military property and streets and highways named after anyone associated with the Confederacy.

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