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Books in Brief: December 2015

Third Reich Collectiblessized

Third Reich Collectibles: Identification and Price Guide by Chris William (ISBN 978-1440244483, Krause Publications, F+W, 4868 Innovation Dr., Bldg #2, Ft Collins, CO 80525; 855.864.2579; Softcover, 240 pages, more than 1,000 photos, 2015, $27.99)

Collectors haven’t see a good price guide on Third Reich collectibles in many years. That is, up until now. Chris William, a well-known to Military Trader contributor, has compiled a straight-forward, realistic evaluations of Third Reich militaria that will appeal to veteran collectors as well as introduce novices to the hobby. Having authored more than two dozen articles for the pages of Military Trader, he has focused his approach to create this fully illustrated identification andguide.

No single book can cover all aspects of Third Reich collecting, but William’s book provides a fantastic foundation for identifying and understanding the historical context of a lot of the items most often found at shows and on dealers’ web sites today. Rather than taking a “type” approach to organization, he has presented 20 chapters, each dealing with a particular branch of service or organization of the Third Reich. Opening with a background narrative, William quickly delves into the organization’s material culture using a combination of crisp, color photographs, captioned with one-line identifications and realistic price ranges.

As a result, William has compiled the single, best book available today that will provide enthusiasts with the information to buy, sell, or simply evaluate Third Reich mementos. On top of it, his narrative provides a valuable background to each of the organizations that made of framework of Hitler’s Germany.

Third Reich Collectibles is a terrific, basic guide for veteran collectors and a whole new generation of WWII enthusiasts.—JAG

Collecting Frenchsized

A Reference Guide to Collecting French Insignia, by Scott Guye (No ISBN. Available at or from the author, email: Softcover, 40 pages, 160 color images, $26.00)

It is always exciting when someone breaks new ground in our hobby. With A Reference Guide to Collecting French Insignia, Scott Guye has produced the only English-language, in-depth look at French military unit insignia of the 20th Century. His self-published work outlines many of the French military’s unique branches and gives insight on symbolism and identification. The book concentrates on teaching how to interpret markings, manufacturing techniques, and dating insigniawhile also offering advice on quality, condition evaluation, and collection building. The writing is authoritative and the photography clear enough that you will benefit from adding this book to your collecting arsenal --—JAG

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