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Book Review: A G.I. in The Ardennes: The Battle of the Bulge

Fully illustrated book looks at the WWII equipment, uniforms, and memories of American GIs
A GI In the Ardennes is available through Amazon for about $20

A GI In the Ardennes is available through Amazon for about $20

A G.I. in The Ardennes: The Battle of the Bulge, by Denis Hambucken (ISBN: 978-1526756183, Pen & Sword distributed by Casemate Publishers, 908 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083, 610.853.9131; Hardcover, 144 pages, fully illustrated in color, 2020. List price: $32.95)

A G.I. in the Ardennes focuses on the human experience during wartime. What was life like for a regular American soldier who gave his life to combat fascism?

By immersing himself in historical documents, hundreds of letters and several interviews from that period of time, author Denis Hambucken managed to accurately reconstruct the daily life of an American soldier in impressive detail. The author takes a closer look at the weapons, equipment and personal belongings of the soldiers who fought at the Western front, while sharing numerous personal anecdotes and moving stories.

The artifacts are professionally photographed and presented with strong captions. Unlike too many books geared at collectors, this one does include a list of sources and an index.

Overall, the organization of multiple sidebars on particular artifacts or personal reminiscences makes this a fun book to pick up for a few minutes of reading and enjoyment as well as a handy tool for collectors to consult. 

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