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Auction to offer President Obama's campaign chairs


BOSTON, MA – A matching pair of Barack Obama’s personally-used black leather reclining armchairs removed from the lead bus of his 2008 campaign motorcade will be auctioned by Boston-based RR Auction.

The headrest of each bears an embroidered Obama campaign logo, with “Obama ‘08” in blue thread, and “President” in white. Both pillow-cushioned chairs are set on circular wooden swivel bases.

“In 2008, we rented six coaches to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The two embroidered chairs were on the lead bus and used frequently by Barack Obama, his family, and top advisors,” in a provenance letter from Premiere Transportation.

“The lead campaign bus, nicknamed ‘Grant’ after the president, was the bus used most by Barack Obama and his inner circle during the general election campaign, said Glenn Childress, the lead bus driver of the 2008 Obama campaign in the letter.


“Obama’s world essentially revolved around these two chairs. They were situated in the middle of the bus, side-by-side, along the right-hand wall. Barack Obama always sat in the chair that was closer to the back. The second chair — was usually filled by a top advisor, campaign surrogate, Senator Joe Biden, or Michelle Obama on the few occasions when she travelled on the bus with us — It was occupied most often by Barack Obama’s aides Reggie Love and Marvin Nicholson. It was also used a lot by Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod.”

“Obama conducted a considerable amount of campaign business from the chair — including preparing for speeches, discussing the campaign, receiving briefings, sharing lighthearted moments with his staff, and taking/making important phone calls. He also used the chair as a place to relax during long road trips between campaign stops. There were times when I noticed that the voices on the bus had fallen silent. I would look back and see Barack Obama reclined and napping in his chair and Robert Gibbs or another advisor doing the same in the other. At some point during the campaign, Barack Obama remarked to me that he needs to take the chairs to Washington with him, and I thought he meant it. He did not end up taking them — Today, if I sat down in the chairs and closed my eyes, I could still see Barack sitting in his chair and Reggie sitting in the other, as we cruised through this beautiful country on the way to the presidency.”

Among other items to be featured: Donald Trump signed photo of his 2015 appearance on Saturday Night Live, and a collection of signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The Fine Autographs And Artifacts Auction from RR Auction began on December 16 and will conclude on January 11. For information, visit the RR Auction web site at

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