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Auction News - Manion's January 2009 Auction

Web site sales of militaria from Manion’s International Auction House, Inc., January 2009. 
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 Each month, Manion’s International Auction House, Inc. features several select items that are currently open for bidding at their Web site ( In an effort to show current sales and pricing trends, MT is happy to be able to report on the sales of those featured pieces. Prices realized do not include buyer’s premiums.
Be sure to look at Manion’s full-page ad in this month’s issue to see what interesting items are currently offered for sale. For more information on buying or selling through Manion’s International, call Manion’s at 866.626.4661 or 913.299.6692 or

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Mauser 9mm Luger S/42 1938

Mauser manufacturer code with 85% original blue

remaining and finish rub to muzzle and side plate.

VG bore with excellent grips and all matching parts

except magazine. A fine example of 3rd Reich Luger

made by a leading manufacturer. Sold - $2250

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USN Engraved Purple Heart with case and citation

Split brooch, hand engraved medal named to “Amon

W. Gates RM 1st Class”. Comes with Navy Presidential

Unit Citation ribbon with star. Also includes in wood

reinforced case showing some wear. Sold - $602

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British 1842 Pattern Musket with Bayonet

Successor to the famous “Brown Bess”, this musket was an

interim design pressed into service when a large quantity of

converted Long Land Pattern muskets were destroyed in a fire

in 1841. .75 Caliber Smoothbore .39” barrel. “Tower” and

crown “VR” marked to lockplate. Brass trigger guard, nose

cap and buttplate. Lock is still functional. Comes with a most

impressive socket bayonet. Muskets of this pattern served the

Empire in various colonial uprisings, the Crimean War and the

US Civil War. Missing both sling swivels, which shouldn’t be

too hard to replace. A real piece of history. Sold - $555

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USAAF 373rd Fighter Squadron Insignia and Photos

Features a 3-1/2” diameter leather patch with hand-drawn profile

of a P-38 with leather name tag - “Lt. C. J. Paynter”. Also includes

embroidered jacket patch picturing a comical animal character

hurling bombs from P-38. Photo of pilot standing beside P-38 with

nose art “Miss Chief”, a shapely woman in a swimsuit and Indian

headdress. Other photos include a young AAF officer, a unit photo

with a P-38 in the background, crewmen standing beside the

engine housing, on which is painted in a shark’s mouth design

usually associated with P-40s. Sold - $375

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DAF Staff Leader Badge with Oakleaves

Badge is 35 mm tall, and dark silver color

metal construction with oak leaf border.

Blue & black enamel front w/some scuffing.

Pin back, and marked “RZM M1/102”;

an interesting example of item worn by

leader of WWII German labor party.

Sold - $1308

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Kriegsmarine Range Finder

Optical viewer made by Carl Zeiss Jena, marked

“TM.C/4 NR 39” Upper viewfinder provides image

of objects to viewer’s left. Lower viewfinder presents

horizontal number scale, adjustable by knob on the

left side. Measures 7-1/4” overall length. Black

leather unmarked carrying case included. Sold - $720

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Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure Third Class

with Neck Ribbon, Lapel Button and

Named Photo.

This Third Class example measures 55mm, features

polished white copper to gold plated center. Yata

Mirror affixed to dark blue enameled ground within

a gilt beaded inner and double-raised outer ring,

encircled by a super-imposed attached necklace of

red paste jewels connected by red lines, on a cross of

four sets of five white enameled rays. The plain

reverse has the usual four characters “order of merit

decoration” arranged in a square in the center, a

small rivet head on each of the four arms, with a

mint mark on the lower edge. It has a gold-plated

suspension loop in place. The 37mm wide watered

pale green cravat has a 4mm yellow stripe 3mm from

each edge, has gold-finished clasp in place. The lapel

badge is also included as is black lacquered case and

original photo of Army higher-ranking Officer in dress

uniform wearing this type of decoration about his neck,

with hand-written ID below. Sold - $800

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Iraqi Crest China Bowl
Indicative of china items brought from high-ranking
Iraqi palaces and estates. Measures about 5-3/4” in
diameter, scalloped features with gilt embossed 1965
pattern of the Iraqi national crest. Made in Japan with
Noritake mark to the bottom. Sold - $100

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