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Ancient Egyptian Sultan’s armor to be auctioned


LOT1261- 15th Century Shirt of Mail and Plate with Elaborate Gold Koftgari Decorated Plate Reinforcement with the Property Stamp from the Janissary Arsenal at the Hagia Irene Church in Istanbul with Inscription that Appears to Bear the name of the Recipient: Qaytbay Mamluk Sultan of Egypt 1468-1496

December 4-6 Premiere Firearms Auction

A chain mail shirt identified to Egyptian Sultan Qaytbay is up for auction this weekend at Rock Island Auction Company’s December Premiere Auction. Qaytbay ruled from 1468 – 1496, and is remembered as a military powerhouse and a benevolent patron of the arts.

The 500-year old chain mail shirt with gold decorated plates could be one of this century’s most important pieces of armor offered at auction. The plates that surround the wearer’s ribcage are covered in elaborate gold koftgari, a process where gold is inlaid into steel, and Qaytbay’s name appears in the intricate gold designs. It is a fitting artistic tribute for the man who funded and led a cultural revolution with an emphasis on architecture. At minimum, 230 buildings and monuments were created under his rule, some of which still stand today.


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