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Amoskeag Auction Company to sell fine military collectibles


MANCHESTER, N.H. - On March 24 Amoskeag Auction Company Inc. will hold its sale number 88, featuring rare and investment-grade military collectibles from colonial flintlock muskets to a U.S. M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun. There will be a notable collection of Civil War artifacts offered from Mr. Frank Burg, late of Burlington, Vt., and an astonishing selection of LeMat Civil War revolvers.

Two notable military collectibles which will be offered are Colt Single Action Army Revolvers belonging to medal of honor winners Tom Custer and Myles Moylan, U.S. 7th cavalry. Tom Custer was killed at the little bighorn massacre along with his infamous brother, his revolver was captured by American Indians and subsequently re-captured later at the Battle of Slim Buttes. Myles Moylan was in Company A., 7th cavalry and was a survivor of the little bighorn, having been part of Marcus Reno's battalion which made its desperate retreat back across the river and established their defensive position with Benteen's command.

Among the Civil War artifacts being offered are numerous Confederate muskets including examples manufactured at the Richmond and Fayetteville armories as well as many Confederate-marked British pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-muskets.

There are many ID'd items that will be offered including a South Carolina high-grade militia officers sword by Horstmann belonging to a member of the Tyger River Volunteers, Capt. James T. Douglas, 5th South Carolina infantry.

There are numerous federal swords offered, notably, a U.S. Model 1850 officer's sword belonging to Capt. Charles R. Mudge, 2nd Mass Infantry who was killed at Gettysburg and another U.S. 1850 foot officer sword belonging to Lieut. Henry Reuben Pierce, 5th Rhode Island, killed at New Berne North Carolina.

There is a British pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket from the 7th Indiana infantry, a British pattern 1853 rifle-musket which was 4th Louisiana-issued, 1853 rifle-muskets from the 28th Massachusetts Regiment and another which is Massachusetts ID'd and a West Virginia cavalry-issued U.S. model 1860 Colt revolver.

There is a nice swallowtail at cavalry Guidon from first Lieut. John Bodamer who was a prisoner of war at the infamous Confederate Libby prison and there is an important 2nd. New York State Veteran Volunteer Heavy Artillery flight marker flag which is a very colorful. Speaking of colorful, there is a lovely painted a U.S. eagle rope-tension side drum from Horstmann Brothers of Philadelphia Pennsylvania which is in a lovely state of preservation as well.

More modern military rifles include a very rare toggle-action Vickers-Armstrong Peterson Model PA Rifle in a fabulous state of condition. These rare toggle-action rifles were early competitors of the M-1 Garand and the Johnson Self Loading Rifle for military contracts; they featured a rather complex blow-back mechanism very similar to the Luger P-08 pistol. A very nice U.S. M1-D Garand sniper will be offered as well as a very clean Johnson model 1941 semiautomatic rifle.

Of course the normal array of fine Lugers, P.38s, 1911 pistols, Springfields and Mausers will be available with an astonishing array of bayonets in the silent auction.

Interested parties can obtain illustrated catalogs by calling Amoskeag's offices, and can obtain bid forms and a descriptions of the lots o line, or visit the offices in person at 250 Commercial St. in the Waumbec Mill Building in Manchester's historic "Mile of Mills" in the millyard district. Their hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, the telephone number is (603) 627-7383. Please visit their website at

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