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500 exceptional US Colts to be sold at Kramer Auction

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Winchester 1886 & Marlin 1895 Both in 45-90 cal to be sold at Kramer's Jan 25 Auction.

Winchester 1886 & Marlin 1895 Both in 45-90 cal to be sold at Kramer's Jan 25 Auction.

Kramer's 2014 Winter Auction is set for Jan. 25. This auction will have nearly 500 guns of all types from Civil war to modern assault rifles. Auctioneer Curt Kramer commented that this will be the most diverse sale they have conducted in recent memory with condition & rarity common place in this auction. The certain show stopper on this sale will be a US Colt 1873 Single Action Calvary Revolver. This gun was manufactured in 1884 by Colt for the US Calvary, these guns are always treasured by collectors & this has what many don't; Condition! Case colors on frame, blue on barrel & cylinder plus nice inspectors markings/cartouches on the gun & grips. Original 7 1/2`` bbl. length & DFC inspected. For the advanced Colt & military collector they don't come much better than this one!

The good stuff doesn't stop there, then its on to an exceptional Winchester 1886 Takedown & fine Marlin 1895 Lever Action, both in big 45-90 cal. When was the last time you have seen a Remington rolling block pistol. They have 3 examples on this auction. Other nice Colt single actions & New Service Revolvers and Smith & Wesson hanguns of nearly all modern makes. How about a NIB Pre-Ban Norinco AK47 w/ folding stock, by the way this on has its original shipping tag from previous owner Peter Kokalis, yes famous military gun writer Peter Kokalis! Or maybe you’re a Winchester collector, your in luck! This auction will feature over 150 Winchester firearms. Almost every model from the 1876 Rifle up through modern Model 70's. Plus a great selection of rare Winchester 22's, including thumb trigger, model 61 in 22 MAG, Model 06 Expert, & many others.

Military Arms? They've got them covered starting with a Mexican War era 1836 Johnson Flintlock Pistol, Civil War Musket & sword, Spanish American Krag Rifles, WWI Trench knife & 03's, WWII US Sniper Rifles & Nazi P-38's, & Modern assault rifles & tons of surplus arms. Always wanted an M1 Garand or Carbine? Don't miss this sale with over 1/2 dozen of each model to choose from.

Hunter? Maybe one of the 100+ Modern & NIB Hunting Rifles & Shotguns from Remington, Browning, Ruger & Winchester might trip your trigger. Pistol Shooter? No problem with nearly 100 to choose from including S&W, Dan Wesson, Glock, Berretta, Colt, Taurus, Kimber, Para-ordnance & more! Collectible & surplus ammunition, decoys, knives & quality related items throughout.

Bottom line is if your a collector or shooter this auction will have something for you. Preview day for the sale is Jan. 24 from 2-7 PM. Auction Day Jan. 25 will start at 9am.

Full on-line catalog available at or use Kramer Auction service can be contacted at (608) 326-8108 for further questions or consignments.

2013 Gun Auctions end with a bang at Kramer Auction

Collectible Lever Actions & military guns demanded most of the top spots in Kramer Auction Services last two gun auctions of 2013. Kramer's Fall Auction was held on Oct. 5th & a little over one month later on Nov. 16th buyers were back in place to for the Richardson Firearms Estate Auction. Nearly 1,000 guns crossed the auction block over the course of these two year end sales. Winchester shotguns claimed top honors in each auction with a desirable Winchester Model 97 Trench Gun & Bayonet fighting to a solid $3,500 & the Winchester Model 12 Black Diamond 16ga. Skeet shotgun demanding $3,400 at the Richardson auction. The Richardson est. included a large collection of Lever action Savage, Winchester, Marlin & Whitney rifles. Aside from a few finer examples most of the collection consisted of nice entry level collectors rifles, honest guns but most lacking condition. Demand was better than anticipated on these rifles with most selling for over high estimate. The top 20 antique lever actions in the sale sold from a low of $1,225 to the top end at $2,750 with most of the group right in the middle.

Military Rifles topped nearly all categories at the Oct 5th Firearms Auction. With the trench gun in 1st spot an Indian Wars Era Spencer carbine demanded $2,750, then sniper rifles filled in the next 3 spots with a Springfield Armory M1A1 Vietnam era style sniper for $2,420 followed by two different WWII 03-A4 Sniper rifles which stayed close at $2,420 & $2,410. Luger pistols including a restored but rare Brazilian contract 30 cal luger traded at $1,980 & a rare Simpson & Co. luger close behind at $1,925. photos & prices for some of the more interesting firearms that crossed the block on these two auctions are included on this page.

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