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23rd Annual MAX Show

Collectors and dealers are preparing to converge in Pittsburgh. The upcoming MAX will provide the environment for an assemblage of an international group of collectors, investors, auctioneers, authors and dealers. The show continues to be the venue for thought and comradeship, as most of the top players in the world will be there.
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The Miliary Antiques Extravaganza--known in the hobby simply as the "MAX"--returns to Monroeville for what should prove to be a triumphant homecoming. Monroeville, just outside of Pittsburgh, was the show site during the decade of the 1990s, where the MAX did very well in a collecting world where there were few of the adverse conditions which prevail today. Factors such as the ongoing challenge with airline travel and luggage woes, the cost of gasoline and the ease of Internet buying and selling have all adversely affected many shows. And to a degree, the negativity generated by these factors has bred an attitude of complacency in a collecting community where attending shows may not always have been on the forefront for many.

The 23rd MAX Show sets-up for dealers and life members on October 4, 2007, commencing at 10:00 am. The gala annual event has returned to the outstanding Monroeville location, just outside Pittsburgh. The show will be held in the Monroeville Expo Mart which adjoins the MAX host hotel, The Radisson. The show will open to the public on Friday and Saturday, October 5-6, 2007. MAX is the only show where all dealers guarantee their merchandise for the three day length of the show. MAX Certified Dealers guarantee their goods for life. With the current low dollar rate against the British pound and the Euro currency, MAX expects a large European contingent in attendance. Tables are available at $115, Call 856.231.0323. Charles Jenkins, III


But it is time for the militaria community to gather and once again unite. The MAX promises the formula to deliver. With the recent financial successes of the newly opened Eastern Bloc countries and the continual low value of the dollar against the Euro, the hobby has become an extremely healthy entity. Militaria has never been so highly bought and sold. It has always been a place to invest money both during good and uncertain times.


Militaria has always proven to be recession proof, as it knows no boundaries. It is worldwide. Today, values are on the rise, often doubling and tripling annually, and the sale of military artifacts has never been so brisk.

The MAX Show always features the best of the best in collectibles. The master dealers from California, Wolfe-Hardin, will be in attendance with a crowd-pleasing, multimillion dollar historical display. Their selection of original SS edged weapons and related insignia is mind boggling. Wolfe-Hardin


The upcoming MAX will provide the environment for an assemblage of an international group of collectors, investors, auctioneers, authors and dealers. The show continues to be the venue for thought and comradeship, as most of the top players in the world will be there.

The 23rd MAX will set the stage. The actions demonstrated on the buying and selling floor will once again validate the positive investment potential militaria continues to provide to the new and uninitiated collector, as well as to the sophisticated advanced collector. It is a place where the desire to collect breaks down life's social barriers to a cosmic interest in militaria.


The Monroeville ExpoMart provides a collector-friendly convention space, as it also adjoins the Radisson Hotel with 350 rooms available for MAX participants. The hotel is complete with a good restaurant offering breakfast buffets, large sports bar, and a popular lobby bar/lounge conveniently placed between the two. Although the hotel has been completely booked for some time, there are many surrounding hotels in the area with special rates for MAX attendees.

The MAX features many dealers in Japanese militaria. There will Samurai swords, uniforms, headgear, flags and edged weapons in abundance. This photo features one of the many renowned Japanese displays by R. C. Nolte at a previous Monroeville MAX Show. Andrew Jurcak Jr.


The Holiday Inn complex, just a mile from the show and located at the Monroeville Pennsylvania Turnpike exit, is one of the host hotels and does have rooms available at the MAX rate of $99. It has recently been renovated and has its own restaurant and bar. The Holiday Inn will also provide shuttle service to the Radisson. By calling the Radisson at 412.373.7300, a room can be booked for you at the Holiday Inn, or you may call the Holiday Inn direct at 412.372.1022.


The show will once again be a major collector event with tables sold amounting to over 1,000. There will also be an arena provided for those exhibiting collections for trophies and cash prizes. Dealers are invited to drop off their show merchandise on Wednesday afternoon, Oct 3rd, after 3:00 p.m. and until 7:00 p.m.. This is an accommodation to relieve dealers of their merchandise and the hall is not to be used for selling at that time. Thursday morning, October 4th, the MAX kicks off with dealer setup beginning after 10:00 a.m. Collectors may also attend the dealer setup by buying a weekend pass for $75. Life and Charter members may also participate at no charge. Friday and Saturday mornings, October 5-6, the MAX opens to the public.

The MAX Seminar program for this year will be outstanding. The speakers will be Chad Williams on NSDAP Youth organization buckles, Mark Bando on American Airborne patches and insignia, and Frederick Stephens of England will present a featured seminar on unmasking reproduction and altered German edged weapons. The seminars are free to all and are held on Friday evening, October 5, beginning at 8:00 p.m.


On Friday evening the MAX will sponsor their annual seminar program, beginning at 8:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for collectors to meet and exchange ideas, as well. This year, the show will not be open to the public on Sunday. This will be a dealer breakdown day, and will be a fine opportunity for collectors staying over to acquire last minute purchases at discount prices.


The seminar program this year should be outstanding. Attendance is free to all. The seminars provide an outstanding ooportunity for all to add to their collector education.

The helmet collector will be astounded with the amount of helmets available at the MAX. Respected dealers such as The Ruptured Duck, Brian Maederer, and Jason Burmeister will be in attendance, armed with astounding merchandise and ready to deal.  Wolfe-Hardin


There will be three seminar presenters. They will be Chad Williams, an expert on Hitler Youth and other Political Youth Buckles, who will discuss the many youth organizations flourishing during the Thirrd Reich, and the construction of the buckles worn. This will be followed by author and US Airborne expert, Mark Bando, who will present a slide presentation on specialty badges and the insignia worn by United States Airborne combatants. And at this writing, we are in the process of confirming the participation of well known English author and German edged weapons expert, Frederick Stephens. Mr. Stephens has consented to conduct a seminar surrounding the exposing of reproduction and altered German edged weapons--an always controversial subject, and a program which is sure to produce unending excitement and emotion.

At a recent MAX Show, an original Hermann Goering Reichsmarschall's tunic with personal Standarte were displayed by the Wolfe-Hardin team. The MAX is the only show to feature actual museum quality pieces on sale or display for the $12 price of admission. Wolfe-Hardin


MAX management hopes to have record crowds this year. They have put together an outstanding show at an outstanding, user-friendly complex. Pittsburgh is easy to get to. Lets give everyone something to talk about for the rest of this year's collecting season. Let's all attend the MAX and encourage fellow collectors who may have never been to a MAX, to come out and find out what they have been missing. It is the only show held in a collector-friendly, convention-like atmosphere. It only happens once-a-year. It's October 4-6, 2007. Don't miss it!

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