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21-day salute to America

There is a little-known law that sets aside a period to honor the United States. Passed in 1975, law 36 U.S.C. § 112 states, “...that Congress declares the 21 days from Flag Day, June 14th through Independence Day, a period to honor America, that there be public gatherings and activities at which people can celebrate and honor their country in an appropriate manner.”

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Some suggestions for this period, known as “Honor America Days” include:

*Display the flag every day during the 21-day period.

*Pledge allegiance to the flag each day.

*Urge organization to promote America and unity among all Americans.

*Stimulate love and admiration for our national history and traditions during public ceremonies.

Every community, group, and individual may participate in the nation-wide effort by helping the handicapped and aged and by encouraging the young to understand the opportunities and responsibilities inherent in our Constitutional system. — Matt Siragusa

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