2021 Show of Shows is on!

The Ohio Valley Military Society has confirmed that SOS will take place in 2021.
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Posted on the Ohio Valley Military Society’s (OVMS) Facebook page, September 12, 2020:


“Ok, boys and girls— I have been doing the happy dance for about six weeks now, ever since hanging up after a very successful conversation with the Kentucky Expo Center... however, Bill wisely advised that we wait until a signed contract was in hand before making a public announcement. Well, the contract is signed, so we can now spread the word.

“A day or two after the ‘socially distant’ Wilmington show, we were able to secure a deal with the Kentucky Expo Center to annex Hall B, which is where the children’s fair has been held in previous years. They had just cancelled, and that hall was (very briefly) up for grabs. Now, if the social distancing requirements re: COVID-19 are still in play next February, we WILL be able to spread out the Show-of-Shows in compliance with all rules and regulations as they currently exist.

“Bear in mind, state or local officials could impose different restrictions between now and then. They could also take over the facility for use as a testing center, or to erect another of the ghost hospitals. They did this once before in anticipation of an overwhelmed health care system, but the system was not overwhelmed after all, and to my knowledge the ersatz facility did not receive any patients. So... anything could change. If the health department rules and regulations have not changed between now and then, we will be wearing masks, taking temperatures at the doors, and enjoying the wide-open spaces of a socially distant ‘Plan B’. I’m just glad the flea market in Hall A didn’t beat us to the punch on that one. If the world has improved, then maybe it will be back to normal. Either way, we will all be happy to have the show.

“We get a LOT of these questions: Will the Europeans be able to come here for Show-of-Shows? Will the virus be cured in time for Show-of-Shows? (I’m sure that specific date IS circled on research lab calendars all over the world.) How many Estonian mess kits will be for sale at SOS 2021? If you receive an ‘anonymous report’ that my show neighbor is infected, can I get his tables? Etc., etc., etc. For the record, in order: I don’t know, I don’t know, How could I possibly know that?, and what?!?!? Honestly, if we had a functional method to see the future, I’m pretty sure we would be doing other things.

“SO - barring yet another novel catastrophe, the 2021 SOS IS HAPPENING!!”


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