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2012 MAX Show sets sights on recession

A one-of-a kind german police “Jingling Johnnie” was for sale at the 2011 MAX Show. Be sure to attend this year to see what great treasures are offered for sale!

A one-of-a kind german police “Jingling Johnnie” was for sale at the 2011 MAX Show. Be sure to attend this year to see what great treasures are offered for sale!

Show at popular Monroeville Convention Center, Oct. 6-7

By Thomas T. Wttman

The 28th annual MAX Show opens Oct. 6 and 7 in the ever-popular, Monroeville Convention Center, in Monroeville, Pa. The Convention Center has proven its worth with collectors and dealers alike and will be the show’s location through, at least, 2015. The show will present 1,200 tables featuring outstanding militaria collectibles, all presented by an international contingency of well-known and respected dealers.

Collectibles will be featured from all eras, but as usual, there will be extensive quantities of artifacts available from the theaters of WWI and WWII, featuring popular American, German, and Japanese militaria. Whether the collector taste be uniforms, awards, helmets, daggers, swords or even propaganda material, it will all be there.

There will also be vast quantities of insignia, headgear, uniform parts, military hand guns/rifles, bronzes and porcelain. And, as always, several book dealers specializing in the latest publications of reference materials will be on hand with large, easy-to-navigate book display racks.

On Thursday night the Double Tree Hotel will host free seminars on popular military collectibles, and on Friday night, Affiliated Auctioneers will conduct the annual gala auction in the hotel ballroom. Bidding will be by attendees only, with no Internet participation - a great opportunity here to acquire a bargain-priced artifact.


In spite of the world-wide recession that now has ground into its fifth year, miltaria collectibles have seemed to have held their own. We believe that the turn out at the MAX will continue to push the momentum of our hobby forward once again. We all know as collectors, there is nothing to make us feel better about ourselves, than to acquire something unique for our collection.

Whatever one’s situation may be economically, the acquisition of an outstanding relic usually provides the mental cure for most depression. It provides a “high” no drug can give. The sense of pleasure derived from your latest purchase, whatever your field may be—be it a Samurai sword, an SS NCO Peaked Cap or perhaps a cased Distinguished Service Cross—it is magic to the soul.

Usually there are friends around us to congratulate us and sometimes even drool over your new “gem.” There is always great conversation and the unmistakable inner thrill that you actually found something that you may have only seen in books. What a pleasure it is! For those of us that have experienced this sensation you know the feeling. Well, this “experience” is at the MAX waiting for you. It defies recession.

We know gas costs, airline tickets and hotel expenses are high. We know good jobs are getting tough to find or keep and that salary increases are almost never seen these days. This recession has not been easy to endure for anyone in this country. Maybe a new administration is on the way in November, but either way, hopefully, things will change. In the meantime, be true to yourself and continue to invest your hard-earned money in your collection.

Over the years, good military collectibles have never gone down in value. They provide a sound investment and at the same time continue to bestow great joy to their owners, especially if displayed on the wall of a hobby room or office. No stock or bond, no classic car or truck, no building or land investment can be counted on today. Even cash-in-the bank provides near zero interest.

Military collectibles have been, and should continue to be the exception. Granted, they are not as easy to sell as gold or silver, but normally, there are always buyers for good-conditioned collectibles, and judging by the past, a good return will be provided.

Enjoy the MAX Show and all the amenities it has to offer. We wish all attendees a great experience at this year’s show. Remember to book next year’s table reservation and hotel room before leaving the show this year.



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