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1PM at the Krause Jeep Auction

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People are starting to filter into the covered bidding area. Various areas are "setting up camp". Computers are being booted and phones connected. The back of the tent has a food vending area that is about to kick open

The weather is still less than ideal...raining off and on, windy. But I am surprised at how many serious bidders are oblivious as they snap photos, crawl under and examine the jeeps. I get the sense several folks are bidding for someone in absetentia as I see a lot photos be taken and then sent via phone. A lot of phone conversations are occurring at particular vehicles.

Undertandably, the GPA and the prototypes are getting a lot of attention, however, I am surprised at the number of people expressing interest in the Marmon-Herrington 1/2-ton, and the VC Dodges as a whole collection. It is hard to predict prices on those, but I would estimate the Marmon Herrington at about $14,500 and none of the VCs to go past $20K each.

Chet still had one M274 and it is here. I estimate it will go around $6,500.

In the last hour, 26 more bidders have registered in person. To do so, a person must provide a license and proof of ability to purchase (bank letter, cashier's check, etc.) Registering online is closed.

The number of registered with two hours to go is very strong. It will probably reach 200 registered by opening bidding at 3PM.

All for now....


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