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Wreckage of jet found 54 years later

Wreckage of Air Force jet discovered may be one lost in 1955.
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September 30, 2009
The wreckage of an Air Force jet lost 54 years ago has been found off the southern coast of California.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the wreckage is believed to be a Lockheed-Martin T-33A that went missing on Oct. 15, 1955 with two crewmembers onboard. It disappeared soon after takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport while on a training mission.

Military officials investigating the wreckage are attempting to make a positive identification, and will decide on possible recovery. The plane rests 100 feet below water.

Aviation archaeologist G. Pat Macha, and a group of volunteers who were searching for lost military planes found the Lockheed-Martin earlier this month.

Also according to the AP report, Macha, who collects documents about military plane crashes, is also heading up a search for a plane flown by a female World War II pilot who disappeared in 1944 in Santa Monica Bay.

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