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A WWII Jeep in Miniature

A scale model WW2 Jeep that will fit on your office shelf
King and Country's scale model WWII Jeep and Harley-Davidson motorcycle

King and Country's scale model WWII Jeep and Harley-Davidson motorcycle

The Jeep: A landmark in motorized vehicle design and engineering typified by reliability, excellent performance, and durability. Powered by the famous “Go Devil” engine, the Jeep became synonymous with the American war effort. More than 600,000 were produced for the war by Willys and Ford, with more than 51,000 going to Russia via the Lend-Lease program.

The truck was deployed in nearly every area of the war and as it saw real action, the reports coming from the front were universally positive. The US Army made the most of such an opportunity for great propaganda, producing posters, print ads and even films. George Marshall, the Chief of Staff proclaimed the Jeep “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.”

The classic 1943 propaganda film “Autobiography of a JEEP” says it best: “They tried to drown my motor… They tried to break my back… but when I held together, it looked like the Army and I might somehow get along. They gave me a nickname; from the words General Purpose, they took the G and the P and called me JEEP. It sounded more like a noise than a name.” This film and others, along with print ads and numerous posters, solidified the Jeep as an American icon for generations to come.

The little 4x4 was so popular that after the war, civilian models had incredible sales. Variations on the basic, no frills, military model were available, and servicemen coming home had both money to spend and a pre-existing relationship with the brand.

In Your Garage and Now Your Home or Office

It’s not just the privates and Generals of the US Army that know the worth of the little quad. King & Country, renowned for creating high quality WWII collectibles, has long had a love affair with the U.S. military “Truck, 1/4-ton, 4x4” and has produced many different variants for the various theaters of war in which the tenacious vehicle operated. Some are armed and armored, some are stripped down transports, and some are even more unique variants.

Envision an armored Jeep with weathered white wash and optional trailer that could have rolled in from the Ardennes during the brutal Battle of the Bulge; an Air Force “Follow-Me” with checkered hood straight from the airfield after leading a group of B-25s to the hangar; a British Airborne truck, crimson beret wearing driver waiting for orders during the ill-fated attempt to end the war by Christmas called Operation Market Garden; a Russian Lend-Lease vehicle emblazoned with the Red Army Star powering through the sticky, glue-like mud on the Eastern Front; a Royal Air Force Jeep all in signature RAF blue carting an ace pilot to his trusty Spitfire; or a D-Day invasion armored Jeep in classic olive drab. These represent only the latest Jeeps from King & Country, though we can be sure they won’t be the last!

Each model recreates the classic look of the durable scout car and is hand painted with an astounding attention to detail. These vehicles are sized at a scale of 1:30, making the intricate sculpting visible and appreciable by the naked eye, while still being a convenient size to display on a shelf or desk. Every currently available Jeep also comes with a seated driver as well, in the uniform of his respective service. If you have a Jeep or a MUTT in the garage, let King & Country add one to your office or den!

Soldiers and Equipment

Once you have a Jeep on the shelf to match the truck in the garage, don’t forget that King & Country also produces a wide range of all metal, hand painted 1:30 scale soldiers as well! Add to your display with a few off duty troops, or create a dynamic fighting platoon taking cover behind their trusty Jeep.

Each figure is sculpted and painted with an eye to historical accuracy and the finest details. We also carry all the buildings, terrain, and other accessories (Jerry cans, oil drums, etc.) you’ll need. Each major theatre and operation of WWII is represented by King & Country, including D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Britain, Operation Market Garden, Europe, the Russian Front, North Africa, Italy, and the Pacific. Other product offerings are available as well from across the span of history, from Ancient Egypt to the Napoleonic Wars and more.

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