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RIAC's Sept. 7-9 Premiere Firearms Auction

After RIAC's April 2018 Premiere Auction they said, “The best is yet to come.” Finally, it has arrived. The 2018 September Premiere Firearms Auction at Rock Island Auction Company is a sale you do not want to miss.

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The September 7 – 9 sale hosts no less than 18 named collections led by such icons of the collecting community as Robert M. Lee, Allan Cors, Larry Jones, and Mac McCroskie. By the numbers, the auction contains over 3,000 items, which translates to over 400 Winchesters, more than 750 Colts, in excess of 500 U.S. military arms, 400+ military arms, almost 1,000 sporting arms, and nearly 70 Class III items.

There will even be tanks. A wide variety of tanks, armored fighting vehicles, and military vehicles will be offered. Seldom are such incredible items available to the collecting public, let alone in such quantity and condition. Regardless of whether you want to add massive firepower, rescue vehicles, or daily military transportation to your collection, these vehicles are certain to deliver while adding their own undeniable presence.

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Colt collectors will have the opportunity to take home impressive firearms as well. Offered in the sale is an engraved Colt-Burgess saddle ring carbine and a D Company Walker revolver. Also included in the sale are, a Paterson Model 1839 shotgun and a factory engraved and inscribed Colt New Service Target double action that belonged to legendary handgunner and shooter Ed McGivern.

The U.S. military arms selection is led by the renowned Allan Cors Collection. Collectors of these firearms will be supremely pleased to not only find a Singer M1911A1 pistol marked “Prototype No. 3,” but also a Singer pistol that is fresh to market and is accompanied by an archive of military history of its former owner, a World War II Airborne Officer, including its documented use in battle. In addition to a primer-actuated M1 Garand prototype will be arguably one of the centerpieces of the auction: M1 Garand serial number 1,000,000, which was presented to Inventor John C. Garand upon his retirement. This is truly a one-of-a-kind firearm and perhaps a once-in-a-life opportunity to own John Garand’s M1 Garand.

It doesn’t end there! There are Winchesters from the incomparable Mac McCroskie Collection including the finest known Winchester Deluxe Model 1873, a trio of Tiffany swords as they appeared in their catalog over 160 years ago and photographed in the hands of the generals who bore them, Herman Goering’s sidearm at the time of his surrender – a cased, factory engraved, and gold plated Walther PPK pistol, and a legion of luxurious sporting arms.

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Please make arrangements now to attend what promises to be a spectacular event, as well as our full day preview on Thursday, September 6.

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