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Fake Alert: M1917 “Trench Knife” Scabbard

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Because eBay rules prevent the sale of knives that incorporate a fighting knuckle-style guard, we have seen an increase of trench knife scabbards listed for sale, most with an opening bid of $400 or more. What eBay didn’t catch on to was that a free “knife” was thrown in with the scabbard, thereby completing the sale of trench knife and scabbard. That worked for a while ... until recently.

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A reproduction trench knife scabbard has entered the market, and many are being passed to unsuspecting collectors as original manufacture.The top of the scabbard is stamped with an inspector’s mark, “WBC.” The leather throat of the scabbard is stamped “L.F.&C. 1917.” The reproduction scabbards are being produced in India. Atlanta Cutlery offers a reproduction M1917 that comes with this scabbard.

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