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Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the Borinqueneers


The “Borinqueneers” was the the only all-Hispanic unit in U.S. Army history. The regiment earned 10 Distinguished Service Crosses, about 250 Silver Stars, more than 600 Bronze Stars and nearly 3,000 Purple Hearts. The unit is shown here in Korea.

The Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment, know as the “Borinqueneers” were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on April 13th at the Capitol by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other leaders of the House and Senate.

Initially the unit consisted of Puerto Rican volunteers; eventually the U.S. Army designated it as the 65th Infantry Regiment in 1920.

The Borinqueneers have a long and respected history having fought in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. According to statistics stated in an AP article, the soldiers who have been a part of the regiment have earned numerous military awards , including a Medal of Honor, about 250 Silver Stars and more than 2,700 Purple Hearts.

House Speaker Ryan said the members of the regiment “showed us time and time again that courage does not know color — that decency does not pick sides."

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