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Share your passion: Become a Military Trader AMBASSADOR

Share the passion: Be an AMBASSADOR

We love militaria and our hobby that revolves around it. Whether we are collectors of helmets, medals, weapons, vehicles, or any other type of military relics, there is no doubt, we are a devoted bunch. We will forgo family parties to go to shows, eat macaroni to have more to spend on relics, and even trade some of our treasure to obtain new pieces. We are a very dedicated group of collectors.

Our hobby thrives on forming relationships that lead us to the relics we crave most. The staff of Military Trader has realized it is crucial to introduce new people to the joys of collecting, preserving and displaying military relics. We are constantly exploring new avenues expose our hobby to a fresh audience. Recently, for example, we gave away samples of our magazines to people who attended the American Legion national convention in Minnesota. Thousands learned that they can explore their passion for history and patriotism through military relics.

We are also exploring new, large venues that will present the opportunity to distribute magazines and introduce the hobby to those who may have never heard of collecting militaria but are inclined to enjoy it. Not a week passes during which we don’t consider fresh paths that will benefit our advertisers and the hobby’s overall well-being.

One of the most successful avenues for engaging a new audience has been our annual ”Ambassador” issue of Military Trader. Currently, we are preparing our 2019 Military Trader Ambassador issue that will be published in early November 2018.

What is the “MT Ambassador Issue?”

This special, stand-alone bonus issue of Military Trader will introduce new collectors to the basic facets of our hobby. (Note: This is NOT the Military Vehicles bonus issue — we do that in the SPRING of 2019 and will have different deadlines, contacts, and directory forms for it).

The articles will appeal to both beginners and advanced collectors by discussing:

*Where to find military relics,

*Current collecting trends,

*Investment potential,

*Favorite Finds: Collector’s Stories

*What to consider when it’s time to sell

*Preservation tips

*Dealer profiles

*Even a directory of dealers, auction houses, and museums so that new collectors can immediately begin forming their own network.

YOU are a Military Trader Ambassador

Our hobby depends on always introducing new people to the joy, intrigue, and satisfaction of collecting military relics. We are all ambassadors for our hobby—collectors, dealers, and publishers. This special bonus issue will provide each of us with something to provide to a person who expresses an interest in learning about our hobby.

There are many ways for you to help grow our hobby, and participating in the MT Ambassador issue is one of them. Here a few ways you can become involved and be considered one of the hobby’s Ambassadors:

*Tell us about your “Favorite Find.” What is the best or favorite piece of militaria you have found? Share your story in up to 1,000 words and 3-4 photos (high resolution, 600 pixels x 900 pixels minimum). Email your tale and images to: (Write “Favorite Find” in the subject line), or send via regular post to Military Trader: Attn: John Adams-Graf, Editor, 901 Fourth St., Suite 50, Hudson, WI 54016. Favorite Finds must be received by October 8, 2018, to be included.

*Introduce your business. Make sure you take advantage of our FREE DIRECTORY LISTING. Click on the link to fill out and submit your form:

Military Trader 2019 Directory Listing Form

Military Trader’s advertising manager, Steve Madson, also has special advertising packages for you to introduce your business to new people while connecting with our core audience. Remember, not all of the readers of Military Trader are connected on the internet. Some of the best collections are coming from folks who just never “got the net.”

Contact Steve via email at or call him at 800-726-9966, ext. 13441 to learn about these special opportunities. The advertising deadline in this special bonus issue is October 22, 2018.

*Send us Auction and Show dates for 2019. We will include a complete 2019 schedule of shows and auctions in this issue. Don’t leave your show out! Send your dates and show or auction info by October 8, 2018 to Military Trader: Attn: John Adams-Graf, Editor, 901 Fourth St., Suite 50, Hudson, WI 54016 or email to

When is this happening?

The MT Ambassador Issue will mail in early November 2018, to be in our readers’ hands before the holidays. Extra copies will be printed and distributed throughout all of 2019.

Who will receive the MT Ambassador Issue?

Military Trader’s staff is committed to growing our hobby. We will produce and send this special issue as a “bonus” to all current subscribers. In addition, we will print extra copies for dealers, show promoters or individuals who want to help us get it into the hands of people interested in learning more about our hobby.

Our hobby depends on new collectors and dealers learning how to connect with each other. Help insure the health of the military collecting hobby by sharing your experience with both beginners and advanced collectors. Together, we will form those crucial collecting networks that keeps our hobby vibrant, engaging and meaningful.

Share the passion,

John Adams-Graf
Editor, Military Trader and Military Vehicles Magazine

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