A Tank Mystery Solved

M36 retrieved from Austrian lake by Alexander F. Contini, MPA, MA, MS Sergeant First Class Alexander and Chief Warrant Officer Deborah Contini visited St. Gilgen, Austria on their honeymoon in 1985. It was a romantic gesture as it was there … More »

Catherine “Kitty” Chappel

A WWII American Red Cross volunteer by Chris William Catherine “Kitty” Chappel was born on December 7, 1916, in the eastern port city of New London, Connecticut. Kitty’s family was comprised of “old New England stock,” being descended from the … More »

Riders for the Reich

German Equestrian Badges of WWII by Chris William The German armed forces of WWII were often thought of as being highly modern and up-to–date for their times. Limited resources, however, meant the daily transportation of supplies and secondary troops were … More »

The Art of War

Exploring trench art’s enduring legacy By Jessica Leigh Brown Thousands of miles from home, servicemen and women inevitably dream of families, cherished memories and hopes for the future. Out of this longing for something beautiful in the midst of a … More »

Frauenschaft: The Nazi’s Women’s League

by Chris William From the earliest years of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (N.S.D.A.P. — Nazi party), women became active members of the organization by assuming the customary roles of caregivers for those injured in street brawls, and clerical workers for … More »