Meet the ‘American Noah’

Most military history enthusiasts don’t need to be told that it will be the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Northern Europe on June 6. For generations after that historic day in 1944, it has been known as “D-Day.” Stories … More »

Honoring the Dead

“Honoring the Dead.” Most veterans know this as the purpose of Memorial Day.  It isn’t “Veterans Day,” nor is it, “the “unofficial start of summer,” though many confuse Memorial Day with these events. Its sole purpose, going back to the … More »

When Home Depot Turned Olive Drab

What’s that sound? It can’t be pond frogs already!  I still have my snow shovel in the trunk and my emergency “cold weather gear” in the back seat. A walk down the highway, though, and danged if I don’t hear … More »

ABC: Always Be Campaigning

Taxes are paid, crocuses are emerging from frosty soil, and the snow tires are off of the Jetta. Even though there are flakes in the northern forecast for later this week, it is spring. For some, this means it’s time … More »

A Bone Too Far…

The grass was still damp with morning dew when I heard the change of tone in the headphones that covered my 12-year-old ears. After I carefully placed the Radio Shack metal detector next to my feet with the detection ring … More »

It’s Only Original Once

“Amazing original, not restored 1954 Dodge M37,” announced an ad in April issue of Military Vehicles Magazine. Having been a long time supporter of “unrestored” vehicles and an advocate of leaving some vehicles untouched, the ad stuck in my mind. … More »

Missed Opportunities

“The time to buy an antique is when you see it.”  Years ago as I searched the aisles of an antique mall in Richmond, Ind., I would hear that message being played at a low—but perceptible— level. It was just … More »

What Binds Our Hobby?

OMSA, OVMS, MVPA… it’s that time of year when I write out checks for all of my club memberships. With a small stack of check-bearing envelops in hand, I drove to the Post Office before making my 14-mile drive home. … More »