A Bone Too Far…

The grass was still damp with morning dew when I heard the change of tone in the headphones that covered my 12-year-old ears. After I carefully placed the Radio Shack metal detector next to my feet with the detection ring … More »

It’s Only Original Once

“Amazing original, not restored 1954 Dodge M37,” announced an ad in April issue of Military Vehicles Magazine. Having been a long time supporter of “unrestored” vehicles and an advocate of leaving some vehicles untouched, the ad stuck in my mind. … More »

Missed Opportunities

“The time to buy an antique is when you see it.”  Years ago as I searched the aisles of an antique mall in Richmond, Ind., I would hear that message being played at a low—but perceptible— level. It was just … More »

What Binds Our Hobby?

OMSA, OVMS, MVPA… it’s that time of year when I write out checks for all of my club memberships. With a small stack of check-bearing envelops in hand, I drove to the Post Office before making my 14-mile drive home. … More »

MRAPs – What’s Next

“How do you not see it as a moral imperative to get as many of those vehicles to theater as rapidly as you can,” confronted Marine Commandant James Conway in a 2007 press conference. His frustration resulted from Congress’ reluctance … More »

Over-the-top restorations

As the Christmas season peaks, charitable giving takes many forms — and the historic military vehicle world is not exempt. Two different instances of “resto-charity” have recently touched my office.   SEASON OF GIVING Many have read about the efforts … More »

2014: The Year of the Tank

In 1914, French Colonel Jean Baptiste Estienne declared soon after German troops invaded Belgium and France, “Victory in this war will belong to the belligerent who is the first to put a cannon on a vehicle capable of moving on … More »

JAG’S 2013 Top 10 Book Wish List

It’s that time of year when loved spouses, family members or close friends ask, “Whattya want for Christmas?” They have good intentions—so why not give them some ideas that you really want instead of just waiting to open another pair … More »