Fifty Years of ‘The Deuce’

What’s Next for Military Vehicle Fans? The venerable M35 had been a permanent fixture in the United States’ military  service for more than 50 years, when, in 2011, the last one had been removed from service. During that half century, … More »

Microscope on a Collector’s Habits

Years ago, collecting revolved around watching the mailbox. When the post carrier finally delivered a favorite dealer’s printed catalog, the devout collector would stop whatever he or she was doing, pour over the pages while simultaneously making their way to … More »

Spring is a time of Discovery

Each year around this time, collectors climb out of the war rooms, kick the garage doors open and breath a deep yawn as they shake winter from their laps and limbs. It is spring time… time to rediscover our historic … More »

Does money move you to collect?

When asked, “Why do you collect?” most of us will explain it is a love history and a respect of veterans that are the primary drivers of our hobby. It is only when someone scratches a little deeper, do aspirations … More »

SOS 2013: After Action Report

  Whenever I return from a show, folks want to know, “How was it?” To answer it accurately, so many factors must be considered: Sale opportunities, prices, variety of products, attendance, parking and even food. Rather than running down that … More »

What made that show such a success?

The staff of Military Trader and Military Vehicles Magazine is always trying to connect new people to our hobby. In our effort to introduce people to the joys of collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting military relics and vehicles, we venture … More »

Who’s holding the magic wand?

A person carrying a large paper bag recently knocked on my office door. After greeting each other, he told me how he had inherited some military items from an uncle and wanted to know if they were real, and if … More »