Splat Tag Zombie Hunt

Following a line of cars, I pulled into an open field where a GP large tent stood adjacent to a row of deuce-and-a-half trucks. As people abandoned their cars, they streamed into the tent and gathered around a television monitor. … More »

Working to re-seed the hobby

Clear-cutting forests during the 1800s and very early 1900s was an economic practice—timber men and farmers cut everything that was saleable to a sawmill. Since most trees were large, old-growth timber, nearly all was usable. The result: All the trees … More »

Reawakened to the Cold War

Reports of a Navy plane missing over the Baltic Sea flooded the news in early April 1950.  The lost aircraft, a PB4Y Privateer (“BuNo 59645,”) and veteran of WWII, was known to its crew as “Turbulent Turtle.” The Turtle was … More »

What’s Next for Surplus Sales?

It’s no secret—collectors don’t like change. Heck, it’s probably that single characteristic that most fuels us to be collectors!  We like a sense of order—we want to know that everything has a place and strive to put items into those … More »

Valor is Timeless

“Our line of battle stretched along the ridge overlooking the valley between it and the southern armies…The thunder of artillery was like a continuous roar…Among the first to receive a serious wound that fateful afternoon was Cushing himself. Both thighs … More »

Your WWII Collection: What’s it Worth?

“JAG,” the call began, “How about writing a WWII price guide for us?” That phone call from F+W senior editorial director, Paul Kennedy, started a conversation that has continued for years. I am proud (and a bit relieved) to say, … More »

End of Surplus Trucks?

Rumors are rampant. “They’re coming for our trucks!” Conspiracy theories abound. “There are behind-the-scene pay-offs!” And there are many who are just reacting as they only know how. “The sky is falling!” The simple fact is, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) … More »

Reporting From The Field

Reporting live from the fields of Iola, Wisconsin, this blog is coming from the 23rd Annual Iola Military Vehicle and Gun Show with Live Working Wheels. With anticipation of around 9,000 visitors over the two-day event, I have often regarded … More »

Going Once, Going Twice…

“I think the auction approach to collection sales is dying,” a dealer recently commented to me. “Sales seem to have really been down,” he added as to somehow bolster his argument. I listened through the phone cradled on my shoulder … More »

MVPA Convention: A Hobby Barometer?

Historic military vehicle enthusiasts from across North America with a handful of European visitors converged in Louisville, Kentucky, at the end of June for the 2014 Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s International Convention. With about 200 historic military vehicles on exhibit, … More »