What made that show such a success?

The staff of Military Trader and Military Vehicles Magazine is always trying to connect new people to our hobby. In our effort to introduce people to the joys of collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting military relics and vehicles, we venture … More »

Who’s holding the magic wand?

A person carrying a large paper bag recently knocked on my office door. After greeting each other, he told me how he had inherited some military items from an uncle and wanted to know if they were real, and if … More »

General Patton’s Coat Hanger

If you have been kicking yourself for not having purchased General George Patton’s coat hanger at a Minnesota show many years ago, I have to apologize.  You see, that “rare” artifact made its debut at the very first show when … More »

Changing Faces of Veterans Day

When I was young, Veterans Day meant watching my Dad put on his American Legion uniform and then riding with him to the school parking where he met his buddies, also dressed in the dark blue of the American Legion … More »

Look Ma, I’m on Television!

A military collector isn’t short of television entertainment these days. Just a quick surf through the channels reveals a staggering array of militaria-themed shows from “how-to-shoot it” types to “what’s it worth” sensations. A visit with armchair generals at any … More »