What’s the Hot Militaria for 2014?

What will be the hot military items in 2014? Trends in the military hobby are not always difficult to predict: Items that soldiers were eager to find as souvenirs have become the hot collectibles today. For example, German Luger pistols … More »

You got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!

During the past few years, I have cataloged a number of large collections for a few dealers and auctions companies. Though I have had the pleasure of examining a lot of great military relics, one in particular stands out—not for … More »

Du bist ja ein Mensch!

When I lived in Germany years ago, I spent a lot of time looking for military relics. I repeated the phrase, “Hast Du Kriegsache” (Do you have any war relics?) as I explored  book stores, second hand shops and antique … More »

Ya Gotta Get Their Attention

  Gasoline fumes fill my nostrils as I pull my four-point harness tight. Pinned to the back of my seat, I can’t reach the shift lever, but it doesn’t matter—my crew chief is ready to pop it into gear while … More »

What shade is your olive drab?

At the recent Iola Military Vehicle Show, I noticed a huge shift occurring in the hobby. Whereas the vehicle display at the shows of the past decade had been dominated by WWII vehicles, the 2013 event was clearly lacking in … More »

A Salute to Service

Ever since I was a boy, traveling during the summer months has always meant keeping my eyes open for convoys of military vehicles. Regardless of world deployments, it seems the highways are always streaming with olive drab or desert sand … More »

What can you do if you’ve been ‘taken’?

“What can I do?” a reader asked me recently after explaining how he purchased a WWII German helmet. His dilemma stemmed from having bought the helmet sight-unseen. He had seen it advertised as a “WWII Afrikakorps painted helmet.” With no … More »