Collect for Free: Buy Collections

Though I have written frequently about selling a collection, it occurred to me today, I actually have bought more collections than I have sold. In fact, it was until I had bought a collection or two that I gravitated from … More »

Model Closet

“What is it about a rainy afternoon that makes you want to go to a hobby shop,” my partner recently asked in exasperation as we drove down Highway 36 towards my favorite Twin Cities store, Hub Hobby. “Aren’t you too … More »

Taking Inventory

“I am thinking of selling my collection,” the call began. “Who would you recommend handle the sale?” Though I have written and lectured about the idea of collection liquidation many times, I am surprised how many veteran collectors are at … More »

What I Have In It

For many years, I have passed a garage containing a WWII Jeep on my way to work. Each morning, I would glance to see if it was still in the spot it seemed to always occupy. Occasionally, its spot alongside … More »

Flag Day

  “When are you going to get rid of that communist flag?” school kids would ask my Dad. He would chuckle, and say, “Go back to school and open your history book!” You see, during the Bicentennial, Dad was very … More »

It’s Turning (Olive) Green Outside!

The arrival of spring probably doesn’t impact our southern readers the way it does to us “Northerners.” While we are shoveling snow, chiseling ice or just trying to keep our garages warm enough that the radiators in our vehicles don’t … More »

How to Eat a Pig

During my many years as an “1840s farmer” at a living history site in central Illinois, I was tasked with engaging the public in dialogue. The goal was to demonstrate how people lived on the prairie at the time when … More »