Wehrmacht & SS: Caucasian, Muslim, Asian Troops, by J. F. Borsarello and W. Palinckx

To compensate for battlefield losses in the first several years of WWII, the Germans incorporated over a million Osttruppen (Eastern Troops) into the ranks of the Wehrmacht and SS. Sometimes, these troops volunteered for service out of hatred for the Soviet Union. Others were pressed from the ranks of POWs, given a choice between summary execution and volunteering for service. More »

KUNSTOFFE: A Collector’s Guide to German World War II Plastics and Their Markings, by W. Darrin Weaver

Until now, collectors have collectively referred to brown German plastic material as “Bakelite,” not knowing the background or diversity of plastic products utilized by the Wehrmacht. Kunstoffe… is the first comprehensive and easy-to-use reference since World War II covering prominent German wartime  polymer plastics manufacturers and products. More »

U-Boote Crews: Daily Life, 1939-1945

U-Boote Crews is a heavily illustrated account of the men and officers of the German submarine service in WWII. It examines training, doctrine, political indoctrination, morale and esprit de corps, and everyday life on base and at sea. More »

M1 Abrams at War, by Michael Green and Greg Stewart

Despite its title suggesting a combat history of the M1 Abrams main battle tank, this book is a survey of the development and production history of the M1 series to the present, along with a thorough description of the tank and analysis of its offensive, defensive, and performance capabilities. More »