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Carlisle adds Jeeps as 'show within a show'

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CARLISLE, Pa. – The Carlisle Chrysler Nationals have held court at the Carlisle, Pa., Fairgrounds since 1991. 50 years before that, the first Willys rolled off the assembly line and since then, generations have enjoyed a very special lifestyle with an American made machine. The Jeep culture has evolved over time, just like the machine itself. One thing that remains true to form, however; is the passion and love of the machine itself by those within the Jeep crew. Combine that love for a singular brand and the overall excitement of the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, and the new Jeeps at Carlisle weekend is guaranteed to showcase true passion and fun.

As part of the event weekend, July 12-14, nearly 2,500 of Detroit's best will converge on south central Pennsylvania. Included in those numbers will be Jeep owners, hundreds of them in fact, who can showcase all types of rides. From the early flat fender models, to the newest ones on the market, Jeeps at Carlisle will offer various interactive fun designed specifically for those who enjoy getting some mud on the tires.

With Rausch Creek Off-Road Park at Carlisle, drivers can take a hands-on approach with a course that accommodates all skill sets. The course will be both participant based and will also host drivers from Rausch Creek as they give rides in their specifically engineered vehicles. In addition, the Jeep showfield class has been expanded by an amazing 350%, exponentially expanding from the two previous classes available. With that in mind, additional awards are available, too, covering the top three Jeeps from each Jeep themed class.

"I have always appreciated many aspects of the automotive world," said Carlisle Events partner Bill Miller III. "From local dirt track racing to the 24 Hours of Daytona, local car cruises to Pebble Beach, I've experienced a lot in my life car wise. With all the car cultures that I've seen, I have to say that I've always appreciated Jeeps and the lifestyle that seems to follow them. It took 44 years, but I'm finally beginning to understand what ‘It's a Jeep Thing’ really means."

Miller continued, "I just recently bought my first Wrangler and I am hooked, not only with the open-air feeling of my ride, but also with the open attitude of the enthusiasts that are involved. Because of this I am excited to reach further into the community and offer a true Jeep destination at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and Carlisle Truck Nationals. We already have some great activities planned, but I would love to hear directly from everyone who shares the same passions as I do. Please e-mail me at or call 717-243-7855 x127."

Jeeps at Carlisle isn't limited to just the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. The "show within a show" concept continues less than one month later as part of the Carlisle Truck Nationals (Aug.2-4). There, similar classes will welcome Jeeps back onsite for more off-road fun, more awards and more camaraderie. In both cases, Jeep clubs are encouraged to participate. The club program at Carlisle offers a great outlet to gather and celebrate the Jeep brand. By registering early, clubs may earn the use of a free tent for their get together.

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