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U.S. Air Force unveils upcoming stealth bomber name

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The U.S. Air Force has unveiled the name of the future stealth bomber as the B-21 Raider.

Paying homage to the inspiration for the name, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James handed the mic to World War II veteran Richard E. Cole, the 101-year-old retired lieutenant colonel and the last surviving "Doolittle Raider," to make the announcement on Monday at the Air Force Association's annual Air, Space & Cyber Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, just south of Washington, D.C.

Cole served as co-pilot to Lt. Col. James Doolittle, who led 16 B-25 bombers and 80 crew members from an aircraft carrier in the western Pacific Ocean on a strike to target factory areas and military installations in and around Tokyo on April 18, 1942 -- a successful mission that helped boost morale after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

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