My military vehicle wedding

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by Alyssa Aylsworth

On the ice of the river that winds through our property, Jason proposed to me on February 20, 2015. Our wedding followed on September 26, 2015. Though we knew many might be surprised what they saw at our ceremony, we were sure we did not want a “traditional” wedding.

We both enjoy historic military vehicles (HMVs), dirt biking, and spending time with our coon dog, Athena. Our wedding was going to incorporate all of these important aspects of our lives. To make the wedding more of our own, thereby guaranteeing the flexibility it would require to pull off such a non-traditional affair, we decided to host both the ceremony and reception on our property.

The M715 was used as the background for our “Save the Date” cards

The M715 was used as the background for our “Save the Date” cards

For our “Save the Date” photos, we took the M715 “Jeep” for a drive around the property as Jason’s sister, Samantha, took the pictures. We used that Jeep for several photographs of us and our bridal party on the big day, as well. After pictures were done, we parked both Jeeps in the yard right in front of the reception tent.


One of the M715s was used as the “gift table,” while the other served as the platform for the guest book. Both were popular with the guests as “photo backdrops.”

One Jeep functioned as our gift table and the other as the guest book pedestal. The vehicles turned out to me minor stars of the wedding, as well! Our guests took turns admiring the trucks and having their own photos taken with them.

Jason and I both have several family members who are Veterans. They all enjoyed having the vehicles there. We even let them take a Mule for a spin around the property.


Both of our mules were busy—on the days leading up to the wedding and during the actual ceremony. The bridal party used one, while Jason and I reserved the other for our personal mode of transportation!

Our two Mules, by the way, were genuine “work horses.” Weused them heavily during set up on the days before the wedding as well as on the day of our nuptials.

When the best man, Aaron arrived to help set up, Jason had to give him a Mule driving lesson since we decided on using them for the ecessional of our Ceremony! Jason and I rode on one, with our flower girl, ring bearer, and the rest of the bridal party on the other. While Jason and I greeted our guests,the bridal party drove one mule up to the reception tent where it was then used to hold crates full of peanuts and snacks for our guests. Jason and I kept the other to be used as our means of transportation around the property as we prepared for the reception.

I should mention what role we reserved for the dirt bike. We used our mini (70cc) dirt bike for our grand entry to the reception. And yes, Athena, our coon dog attended the ceremony as well. Sitting in the front row with Jason’s sister, Samantha, at her side, Athena calmly watched as Jason and I joined hands for a lifetime of HMVs, dirt biking, coon dogs, and whatever else we discover—together!

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