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Illustration from cover of United States Army Cap Insignia, 1902-1975, by Michael F. Tucker

Book Review: United States Army Cap Insignia, 1902-1975, by Michael F. Tucker

Written for militaria collectors, dealers, and museums, this volume makes a systematic study of US Army visor cap eagles and insignia in addition to emblems unique to the Sergeant Major of the Army, Warrant Officers, Specials Corps, Air Transport Command, Aviation Cadets, WAAC and WACs, Transport Service, and Harbor Boat Service.

Commander Ernest E. Evans, USN illustrated telling the tale of the USS Johnston

Wreckage confirmed as heroic USS Johnston (DD 557)

The wreckage of the World War II Fletcher-class destroyer USS Johnston (DD 557) which was lost at the Battle off Samar, part of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, on Oct. 25, 1944 has been confirmed.

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Army announces update to Class B Army Green Service Uniform

Solders now have the option to wear insignia and accoutrements on the Class B Army Green Service Uniform and Tropical Dress Variations.

Cover of Tokarev Pistols. The book retails for $39.99, available from the publisher and Amazon

Book Review: The Complete Book of Tokarev Pistols

New book by Cameron S. White sheds light on an often overlooked pistol of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations

U.S. Marine Raiders pose in front of a Japanese stronghold they conquered at Cape Totkina, Bougainville in the Solomon Islands in January 1944.

A Special WWII Medal for an Extraordinary USMC Unit

"Let George Do It" Medal acknowledged the WW2 efforts of the 1st Marine Division at Guadalcanal

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The Series Five trucks had a very business-like front end. A whiffle tree is affixed to the chisel-shaped front bumper, and the two spares, as well as the torch set are visible through the windshield. While this particular truck is equipped with a ring mount and .50 caliber machine gun, this was not always the case.

The Proving Ground: WWII Ward La France and Kenworth M1 and M1A1 Wreckers

The M1 and M1A1 Heavy Wrecking Trucks known at various points in their careers as 6-ton or 10-ton wreckers, were the Army’s standard wreckers during WWII and the Korean War.

Fig 4

International M-4-6 and M-5H-6 Trucks in WWII

During WWII, the USMC fitted International 6x6s with a variety of beds. In addition to the standard cargo beds, International 6x6s were equipped as dump, pipeline, tanker, telephone and fire trucks.

M151 Jeep with an M60 Machine gun, snapshot July 1967

Machine Gun Mounts for Military Jeeps

What is the correct  pedestal mount for your WWII Jeep? What about your Korean War-vintage M38 or M38A1? Or your Vietnam or Cold War M151 Series? This article will help you choose the right machine gun mount for your 1/4-ton military Jeep.

1953 M43 restored by Peter Lee.

Buyer's Guide: Dodge M43 3/4-ton Ambulance

Looking for a Korean War or Vietnam War-era ambulance? Consider a member of the Dodge G-741 family of 3/4-ton trucks: The M43 Ambulance.