Have you ever heard of anyone successfully converting a boat trailer ball hitch to a military lunette ring to be pulled by an M37? Will the commercially available lunette rings fit in my M37’s pintle hook? My boat and trailer weigh in at under 3,500 lbs. with less than 350-lb tongue weight, so I believe it is no great strain on the truck or its pintle. My issue will be with how to attach a lunette ring of the appropriate size to the boat trailer in a way that assures that that connection is up to the loading. I sincerely appreciate any guidance or experience you or others have on this subject. I plan to haul my boat trailer to and from a local boat ramp a couple of times a year.

—John Gates

    Many folks, including myself, have made these kinds of conversions on many kinds of trailers. Of course, you have to check that whatever lunette or ring you find will fit the pintle hitch of your M37, and it’s always best to do this yourself rather than rely on someone else’s measurements or opinion. Military surplus dealers, truck-wrecking and scrap yards are good places to look for used lunettes, or you could query advertisers in this magazine. How to attach a lunette ring to your boat trailer is a process that only you can figure out.

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