I saw the Tech Tip on the Ticking noise in an M 38A1. (MVM, #125) I have a 1954 M38A1 which, when I purchased it, had a similar ticking sound…almost like the tappet noise heard on old Fords on a cold morning. In the process of adjusting the exhaust valves, I decided to clean out the pan below and found a small cap. After looking through my manual, I identified it as a valve cap and discovered that it came off a valve stem. I was able to spread the spring and get the cap back on the stem. After replacing the cover and firing up the engine, the ticking was gone and has never returned. Maybe this what the guy’s problem is. I agree with you that if he puts a hose on the valve cover and listens through it he may locate the ticking and discover his problem. I enjoy your articles and I always found them informative.

—Tim Belter

    Thanks for your input about the M38A1s ticking problem and for your kind words. You might be surprised at how many folks have had a similar problem and how many ways they’ve solved it, or found what was causing it. Your addition should be a big help to other people who still haven’t found the source of their tick.

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