I have a 1945 GPW that my father bought in 1946. I have restored it and the engine has been rebuilt. At about 500 miles on the engine, a ticking that I think is a sticky valve lifter has begun. I have tried using an additive at oil change to eliminate the tick, but it did not work. I don’t want to pull the engine if I can avoid it. Is it possible to swap out the valve lifters without pulling the engine from the Jeep? I am hoping I can pull the pan and get at them without a full disassembly.

—David Voit

    From what you describe, it doesn’t sound as if your problem is serious. While you could have a sticky lifter, this seems very doubtful on an engine with such low mileage…unless you used tar instead of motor oil. Your Jeep has mechanical lifters, or tappets, that must be adjusted from time to time, including after an engine rebuild. (Most newer engines have hydraulic valve lifters, which are self-adjusting.) If you don’t already have a manual, you should probably get one. This should give you instructions on how to set your valves.
    On these types of engines it’s better to set the valves a little wide, even though they will usually click or clatter, especially when the engine is cold. Valves set too tight will be quiet, but they also tend to burn.
    I would definitely set the valves to see if this solves the ticking sound before I pulled the engine!

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