I’m a big fan of the magazine as well as your articles and tips. I have a ‘42 Ford GPW, a ‘43 Willys MB, and a ‘50 Willys CJ3A. The CJ3A came with a tow bar.

    My question is, when towing this Jeep should the transfer case be in neutral as well as the transmission? There are different opinions on this.

—Ron Gilinski

    My opinion is yes…put both the transmission and the transfer case in neutral. If the transfer case is not in neutral when towing most early model Jeeps, then more things in the transfer case, as well as the rear bearing in the transmission are turned by the rear axle and drive shaft going down the road. The rear bearing in the transmission does not get sufficient lubrication in this mode. Some people go a step further on long tows by removing the rear drive shaft.

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