Collecting at the Front

By Harold Ratzburg A German’s attempt to retain souvenirs during WWII Old soldiers usually have one or two good stories to tell. Over a beer or two, one older, ex-German Army soldier told me quite a tale to tell about … More »

Snapshots – December 2016

“Snapshots” acknowledges that period photos can  be the best form of primary information for collectors. Military Trader welcomes photo submissions from its readers of any soldiers displaying interesting uniforms, equipment, medals, or insignia. Send photos with a brief description to: Military … More »

A Veterans Day Memory

A former cavalry trooper who admitted he didn’t know a “magneto from a carburetor,”  Newell Phipps Weed would later receive the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism for leading 6-ton tanks into combat. And while we honor all veterans on November … More »

Cross of Honor

by Chris William Better known as the “Hindenburg Cross” On July 13, 1934, Field Marshall Paul Von Hindenburg, Military hero of the German state and reelected Weimer president, designated the only national award given for World War One participants at … More »