April 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the United States entering the “Great War.” While most military anniversaries seem to only create a blip in the spectrum of collecting activity, I couldn’t resist surveying our readers to get their reaction. … More »

An ‘Auto-Evolution’ in warfare

The Great War saw the face of armed conflict change forever as weapons technology increased and breakthroughs were needed to punch through the static trench warfare. The traditional force multiplier and queen of the battlefield –horse-mounted cavalry –  had been … More »

Which Poster Would You Choose?

Public Invited to Vote to Determine WWI Poster to be Featured Alongside Upcoming Exhibition at National World War I Museum and Memorial; Voting Begins Today KANSAS CITY, MO – The National World War I Museum and Memorial holds the most comprehensive … More »

The Yser Medal and Cross

by John Norris Awarded for defending the Yser River in 1914 After four years of war, the Belgian army instituted a new award n October 18 1918, known as the Yser (pronounced “EEZ-air”) Medal. It was created to commemorate the … More »

Collecting at the Front

By Harold Ratzburg A German’s attempt to retain souvenirs during WWII Old soldiers usually have one or two good stories to tell. Over a beer or two, one older, ex-German Army soldier told me quite a tale to tell about … More »

Snapshots – December 2016

“Snapshots” acknowledges that period photos can  be the best form of primary information for collectors. Military Trader welcomes photo submissions from its readers of any soldiers displaying interesting uniforms, equipment, medals, or insignia. Send photos with a brief description to: Military … More »