The “Field Class”

by Mark Sigrist Many years ago, I had scrubbed up my 1943 Dodge WC-56 Command Car, and loaded the tool kit, manuals, first aid kit, and other items shown in the TM and drove it off to the expo center … More »

Living with Large HMVs

You are a caretaker now! by Steve Turchet In keeping with “The Year Of The Deuce,” an article about owning and maintaining large historic military vehicles (“HMVs”) is in order. The biggest vehicle I ever owned was a 1966 Euclid … More »

My military vehicle wedding

by Alyssa Aylsworth On the ice of the river that winds through our property, Jason proposed to me on February 20, 2015. Our wedding followed on September 26, 2015. Though we knew many might be surprised what they saw at … More »