Wound Badges

Award in three classes for three wars By Chris WIlliam In the Spring of 1918, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last monarch of the German Empire, instituted a series of Verwundetenabzeichen” (wound badges) to memorialize soldier’s wounds received during the bloody … More »

Collecting at the Front

By Harold Ratzburg A German’s attempt to retain souvenirs during WWII Old soldiers usually have one or two good stories to tell. Over a beer or two, one older, ex-German Army soldier told me quite a tale to tell about … More »

Drawing owned by Hitler at auction

  Ratisbon’s 13th Contemporary History Auction – their biggest auction so far! Bidding is open until September 25, 2016. Ratisbon’s wants introduce one of the most important pieces of Third Reich art available on the market. Not only as it was … More »

NSDAP Gau Tradition Badges

by Chris William When Adolf Hitler and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (N.S.D.A.P. – the Nazi Party) battled their way to the top of the Weimar German political scene, one of the main tools on which they relied to attract and … More »