Multi-patched WWI Army uniforms

Odd combo? Never say “never!” by Alexander Barnes Among the world of US Army uniform collectors who focus on the period from WWII to the modern day, some of the most prized acquisitions are dual-patched uniforms —reflecting a soldier’s combat … More »


April 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the United States entering the “Great War.” While most military anniversaries seem to only create a blip in the spectrum of collecting activity, I couldn’t resist surveying our readers to get their reaction. … More »

Third Army Day Room

by Alexander F. Barnes In recent Military Trader articles, we took a look at some of the details in a Third Army motor pool and then a Third Army barracks. In this short photo essay, we turn our analysis and … More »

Third Army Barracks, 1920

By Alexander F. Barnes In the March 2016 issue of Military Trader (pp 32-3), we took a look at some of the in-depth or obscure details found in a photograph of a Third Army motor pool. In this short essay, … More »