Who’s Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby: M Series Rebuild LLC

From left to right: Tim, machinist / custom build tech, rebuild shop, Melissa, office manager / receptionist, PJ, sheet metal fabricator / body tech, Steven, sheet metal fabricator, body tech, painter, Chris, sheet metal fabricator / body tech / painter, Charles, M Series Rebuild owner, tech / rebuild shop.

It all started in 1985 when Charles Talbert bought a 1963 Dodge M37B1 to use as a service truck in his grading business. Having spent 3 years on active military duty in Europe where he was able to operate and service various trucks and equipment, he had quickly gained respect for military trucks.

Even though his M37 was one tough vehicle, Charles knew it would be much more serviceable with a few upgrades, like diesel power, better brakes, higher speed ring and pinion gears and power steering.

Others saw what he had done with old military trucks and asked him to build similar vehicles for their businesses; it all took off from there.  Charles left the grading business in 1999, and what started as a need for a good off road service truck and a desire to make it better has turned into a full time M-series truck repair, rebuilding, restoration, and repower, business.

Today, Charles services ¼-thru 10-ton in all body variations and even offers restoration and upgrade service for the civilian line of Dodge Power Wagons (including all Dodge WDX – WM300). M Series Rebuild strives to meet exact customer specifications on every vehicle, whether it is a 100% purist original restoration for showing, a daily driver, or a custom reprocessed truck to be used in a commercial application.

Charles and his team have done a number of up-grades to various vehicles in respect to enhancing safety and handling characteristics. This is especially true with fire service trucks. Up-grades such as diesel power, dual circuit, 4-wheel power disc brakes, beefed up suspensions, and hydraulic power steering used on M37 trucks reprocessed for fire service have brought back good reports from drivers and officials. One of the most popular upgrades is M-Series Rebuilds diesel repower package that features a Cummins diesel 4BTA, 3.9 liter, 130HP or all electronic Cummins 4.5 liter, 160HP diesel coupled to a Spicer 5-speed overdrive transmission.

M Series Rebuilds aim is to build a vehicle based on client specs. Their specialties cover a broad range of vehicles and options that include bone stock, absolutely correct, builds to original specs for showing at the rallies, and daily drivers with upgrades capable of operating on today’s highways.

The company also offers business-based builds for fire service, contractors, loggers, etc., equipped to meet user specifications. Such builds have been based on M37 3/4 ton, M715, 1 1/4 ton, M35 2-1/2 ton, 800 and 900 series 5-ton chassis.  Service offered covers all M Series vehicles, 1/4-ton Jeeps to 10-ton heavy trucks, and even armored equipment

Charles stated, “If you need an engine, transmission, transfer case, axle, PTO, winch, or electrical component rebuilt, our full service rebuild shop can handle that for you.” He noted that M Series Rebuild also offers body and paint services in their full-service sheet metal, body, and paint shops. We can also handle repairs with major rust damage. Coverage includes anything from minor damage to major restoration. PPG-certified painters are on staff, body and paint services include minor repairs, extreme show quality, and anything in between. Check their website and Facebook page to view many pictures of projects in the rebuild process.

M Series Rebuild LLC
4038 Shankle Rd
Norwood, NC 28128

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