Competitors Submit Lightweight Vehicle Samples

BAE Systems has submitted its proposal to the U.S. Army to build and test the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) vehicle for use by the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT).

BAE Systems has submitted its proposal to the US Army to develop and field the Mobile Protected Firepower vehicle (MPF). The vehicle is being developed for use by the Army Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) and will provide enhanced protections for ground combat units while delivering “overwhelming precision firepower” over multiple terrains and environmental conditions. BAE said the design offers significant improvements on the type-classified M8 Armored gun system and other previous development programs to create the fully integrated MPF system that is more lethal, mobile and boasts a longer life cycle, adding that their version of the vehicle is currently undergoing testing. BAE Systems has developed and built a vehicle that is currently going through internal testing. The company will submit the vehicle to the Army on April 2 to undergo additional U.S. government testing as a part of the bid assessment process.

General Dynamics has presented it’s new Griffin light tank technology demonstrator at the Annual Symposium of the US Army (AUSA) 2016.

Opposing BAE in the competition is General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), who in October 2016 unveiled a medium-weight tracked vehicle demonstrator, called the Griffin, which meshes elements of the turret and the 120 mm cannon from an M1A1/M1A2 Abrams main battle tank with the company’s Ajax Scout Specialist Vehicle. Jane’s adds that other bids may have come as well—SAIC with ST Kinetics and CMI Defence were understood to be interested in the project—however only BAE and GDLS’ entries have been confirmed in writing.

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