Salvaged Trailer: M100 converted into an artillery ammo trailer

It may appear to be a total loss, but this M100 was something that could provide the basis for a useful piece of equipment.

by Dennis Dop

Often when things appear to be junk, they can be re-purposed to be a part of your military collections. I took a rusted out WWII M100 trailer and converted it to an ammo trailer to haul blank ammo for a 75mm pack howitzer. I thought MVM readers would like to see how it was done.

The material used in the rebuild:

*2 pieces 1/4 inch steel plate measuring 38” x 18”
*2 pieces 1/4” inch steel plate measuring 41” x 18”
*1 piece 1/4” inch steel plate measuring 41” x 38”
*1 piece 1/4” inch steel plate measuring 42” x 38”  (top)
*1/2 inch steel rod 42”
*2 pieces for 1/2” rod measuring 2-1/2” long
*4’  of dog chain,
*4 steel loops, 1-1/2” long with nuts and washers.


Three hinges were welded to attach the door. The lock was created from a 1/2” bolt, nut and lock washer with a circular handle around the bolt with a large washer ground off. A small cut in the top plate to allow to lock the door shut.

We used a chisel, grinder, and a steel saw to cut the box off the trailer.

To attach the pintle hitch, we used a piece of 3/8” steel, 12” wide and 6” tall connected at a right angle to a piece 12” by 8”.

We used 4-3/8” bolts with nuts and lock washers to attach.

To support this off the trailer frame, we used 2 pieces of 3/8” steel measuring 38” long and 3”wide. This was all welded together, and the trailer was welded to the frame.

The approximate cost to build it was $2,500.

As we disassembled the trailer, it was even worse than we had imagined!

Perhaps, the most complicated step was making a lock for the hinged door. With a bit of careful measuring and clean cuts, this proved to be an easily managed step–and necessary to provide security for the blank ammo the trailer will hold.

Regardless of the M100’s current condition, we could see the makings of an ammo trailer for our 75mm pack howitzer somewhere in the rust and steel. Work began with acquiring some basic pieces of 1/4” steel.

The rebuild included a pintle on the rear of the trailer for attaching the 75mm pack howitzer.




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