Rising Fuel Prices Halts WWII MV Convoy

From Tim Scherrer:

    I regret to inform people that the 6th Annual WWII Military Vehicle Convoy through the Missouri wine country originally scheduled for May 16-17 has been canceled.  The cost of fuel has made it very expensive for people to bring vehicles long distances.  This past weekend, it cost me 37 cents a mile to take my jeep to Jefferson Barracks, and this is one of the smaller vehicles. 

    The larger vehicles would cost much more, and those coming long distances are just cost prohibitive.  I received many emails from former participants who cited this as the reason would not be attending this year. 
    While we still have enough interest to do a smaller convoy, I prefer to do things well, and decided to pull the plug.  Anyone who has registered will receive a full refund in the next few weeks.  If there is an issue with this, contact me and I will make sure you get yours.  Also, make sure to cancel any hotel reservations you have made. 
    While we are canceling the convoy, we still want to support Clark, MO’s dedication of a memorial stone to General Omar Bradley, who was born there. 

    The dedication will start at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 17, with displays, and will culminate with the dedication of the stone at noon. 
Feel free to contact me for information on the event.  Clark is located between Columbia and Moberly, about 20 miles north of Columbia. 
    Another option for a convoy is the Arkansas MVPA event, http://www.armvpa.com/red_ballin.htm

    We encourage people to support this event.
    We will see what is going on with gas prices next year to determine if we plan another one.  The plan for this year’s event is in the can, and could be dusted off it gas prices fall next year.

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