Top 10 Army Modernization Efforts of 2016

by David Vergun WASHINGTON (Army News Service) — Supporting the fight around the globe means providing Soldiers with the most advanced technology available. The right technology can ensure overmatch against future adversaries in an increasingly complex and dangerous world, where the … More »

SNAFU – December 2016

This was William Falconer’s fourth year hosting a vintage trail ride. This year, they  came across a seemingly bottomless mud hole and, guys being guys, they had to try going through it! Falconer’s forward progress was stopped quickly. He was … More »

Book Review – December 2016

M38A1 1/4-Ton Truck in Canadian Service (Canada Weapons of War series), by Andrew Iarocci (ISBN 978-1-894581-48-6, Service Publications, P.O. Box 33071, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2C 3Y9, phone 613.820.7350, fax 613.820.1288, website, e-mail Softcover, 6¾” x 10”, 24 pages, … More »