Don’t blow your lid. Stay cool…

by Steve Turchet HMV Cooling System Basics With summer and autumn, many historic military vehicles (HMVs) are out on the highways heading for shows, swap meets, and/or going on adventures in the bush. Warm temperatures, however, may cause cooling system problems … More »

“Tank Factory” Walk-Through

by John Norris New exhibit gives “behind-the-scenes” view In a recent poll, the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset, England, was voted the most popular museum to visit in the country. Military vehicle enthusiasts have long-known this, and the museum … More »

Tech Tips with Steve Turchet

by Steve Turchet No Fear Why were U.S. Army vehicles painted shiny olive drab after WWII? Did the military think it didn’t have to hide the vehicles anymore?-—Robert Breathwaite The simple answer is, “Yes.” The semi-gloss OD paint of most … More »