MV Spotlight: M274 “Mule” 1/2-ton Truck

Widely known as the Mule, this vehicle’s official name was “M274 Truck, Platform, Utility, 1/2 ton.” But its versatile abilities, yet plain appearance certainly made its Mechanical Mule name appropriate. Four different companies produced six different varieties of Mule between … More »

MV Spotlight: M939 Series 5-Ton Truck

Introduced in 1983, the M939 series of 5-ton trucks was essentially a Product Improvement Package upgrade of the M809  series of 5-ton, 6×6 trucks. AM General Corporation built the initial M939s as well as the M939A1s. Beginning in 1989, Bowen-McLaughlin-York … More »

Abrams can hold its own

Lt. Gen. John M. Murray, deputy chief of staff for financial management, recently testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Airland Subcommittee on March 22, 2017, “I think for the very near term, the Abrams is still near the very … More »

Flying Heritage Collection expands

SEATTLE _ Paul G. Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection will add a third hangar and will introduce more than 40 artifacts this year – making it the largest operational military vehicle and warbird collection on the West Coast. With this expansion … More »