Books In Review August 2016

Gun Trucks: A Visual History of the U.S. Army’s Vietnam-Era Wheeled Escort Platforms, by David Doyle (ISBN: 978-0-9861127-3-7, The Ampersand Group, 235 NE 6th Ave., Suite B, Delray Beach, FL 33483; 561.266.9686;; Softcover, 120 pages, fully illustrated in … More »

MV Spotlight: Humber Scout Car

Light and agile…but never a standout by John Norris Throughout the course of the Second World War the British army used a variety of armored vehicles, some of which were more heavily employed and others which, despite being produced in … More »

10 Questions with Terry Markarian

From old tanks to mules, he’s ‘saving old stock military vehicles’ We are all in this together. In an effort to report on the state of different facets of the military collectibles market, Military Trader strives to discover and share … More »

An old MP recreates his M151

1962 Ford M151, Ford-built body Owned by Larry & Bonita Elsasser, Russell Kans. Restored by MV Specialties, Hastings, Minn. Larry Elsasser left home in January 1963 to enlist for three yeas in the U.S. Army. He took basic training at … More »

Good Photos Sell Vehicles

by Tom Smith, So you’ve got a one-of-a-kind historic military vehicle (HMV) to sell and you’re ready to place a classified ad. But wait – you’re not a professional photographer. How are your photos going to turn out? Will … More »

MV Tech Tips with Steve Turchet

By Steve Turchet HMMWV CABLE CARE HMMWVs with serial numbers beginning with 44825 may develop a parking brake cable problem. The cable bracket design was changed to solve this problem (but of course if you own a surplus HMMWV that … More »

Good-bye to a Legend

Chet Krause: 1923-2016 IOLA, Wis. _ Chester L. “Chet” Krause, the founder of Old Cars Weekly and an iconic figure in the old car community and many other hobby circles, died June 25 at age 92 of natural causes. Krause … More »

Pulled from a river in Poland

by Mateusz Sakowicz (Editor’s note: In the June 2015 issue of Military Vehicles, Mateusz Sakowicz presented the story of a Sherman “Firefly” restored to driving condition in Poland. We are honored to have another story about of another fascinating vehicle … More »