Mystery of USS Conestoga solved

Ninety-five years ago, the World War I-era Navy tug vanished with 56 crewmembers aboard NOAA and the U.S. Navy announced the discovery of the USS Conestoga (AT 54) in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off San Francisco, 95 years … More »

When It’s Time to Slow Down

by John Neuenburg When I met my wife-to-be in 1978, she didn’t know I liked “military stuff.” I wasn’t hiding anything, because military-related hobbies were far from my mind at that time. This is a story of how things in life … More »

Transfer Case Basics

by Steve Turchet Although this article is intended as a primer for transfer cases in general, it will focus mainly on the Dana Spicer Model 18 as found in most U.S. military jeeps, including the WWII Ford GPW and Willys … More »

Don’t wanna be kicked by this mule!

by Silvio Iacuone In April 2015, Nick Denardo trailered two vehicles to the Military Transport Associations rally held at the fairgrounds in Sussex, N.J. In addition to a 2001 John Deere Military “Gator,” he planned to display his recently restored … More »