Club Spotlight – Olive Drab Drivers

OLIVE DRAB DRIVERS – Military Vehicles and Aircraft, Bakersfield, Calif. The Olive Drab Drivers (O.D.D.) was founded in 2001 by Jeffery Goines and John Yerry. Originally, the club created a network for military vehicle enthusiasts who preserve, restore, and operate their … More »

Books In Review August 2016

Gun Trucks: A Visual History of the U.S. Army’s Vietnam-Era Wheeled Escort Platforms, by David Doyle (ISBN: 978-0-9861127-3-7, The Ampersand Group, 235 NE 6th Ave., Suite B, Delray Beach, FL 33483; 561.266.9686;; Softcover, 120 pages, fully illustrated in … More »

MV Spotlight: Humber Scout Car

Light and agile…but never a standout by John Norris Throughout the course of the Second World War the British army used a variety of armored vehicles, some of which were more heavily employed and others which, despite being produced in … More »